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05/03/2012 - 12:28pm
By: Armstrong Advisory Group
Is now the time to wade into the natural gas sector?

Over the past twelve months, stocks in the natural gas sector have fallen by an average of 22 percent compared to the S&P 500 which increased by approximately 2 percent during that same time period.  With the relatively large price declines, some natural gas stocks have become cheap on multiple valuation standards.  Is now the right time to wade into this sector?

  • With the introduction of a process called fracking, the natural gas supply has increased substantially over the past 4 years.  Each day, the U.S. natural gas market produces an average of 3 billion cubic feet more than the nation...
04/27/2012 - 2:02pm
By: Armstrong Advisory Group
Which sector may deserve a larger portion of your portfolio

With the NASDAQ Index up 15.9 percent in 2012, many individuals are considering allocating a larger portion of their portfolios to the technology sector.  What are some important trends and statistics to keep in mind when contemplating this decision?

  • Businesses are looking to make technological upgrades. Information Technology Consulting is a unique industry that is finding integration opportunities in financial, healthcare and retail businesses like never before. IT consulting refers to technology consulting firms that advise businesses on how to best use technology to meet their objectives. With the economy recovering, businesses are looking to make those technological upgrades that they...
04/20/2012 - 8:43am
By: Armstrong Advisory Group
Companies that historically have had stable cash flows

During economic downturns, people still have a number of necessities: food, water, clothing, electricity, etc.  Because they are considered a basic necessity, utility companies historically have had stable cash flows.  This has caused their stocks to typically be less volatile than the overall stock market.  One area of increased focus in the stock market has been on the water utility sector.


  • Water utilities are heavily regulated companies that are primarily responsible for the distribution of water, wastewater treatment, and other similar services.  In order to generate additional revenue, water utilities submit rate increases over time to state regulators for approval in...