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07/12/2012 - 12:17pm
By: Armstrong Advisory Group
Where should investors turn in these uncertain times?

The turmoil in global markets has investors running from countries and regions that have traditionally been bastions of security and wealth creation. Where should investors turn in these uncertain times? It is my belief that the United States is and will continue to be the best place to invest for the foreseeable future. Continued strength from industries in which the US has traditionally dominated, combined with the unique American business environment create a powerful investment opportunity.

  • The “decline of American manufacturing” has been a topic of concern for more than a decade. However, US industrial production has posted strong numbers recently,...
06/26/2012 - 2:06pm
By: Armstrong Advisory Group
Is there a sector in Canada to keep an eye on?

Insulated from much of the damage caused by the run up in housing prices in the U.S. prior to 2007, the Canadian economy did not experience the deep recession that the U.S. encountered.  Since its banking system did not run into many problems, banks did not tighten their lending standards significantly.  This has caused consumer spending to hold up relatively well despite economic problems throughout the world.  Is there a sector in Canada that could benefit from this?

  • In the past 10 years, the iShares MSCI Canada Index increased by 134.65%, while the S&P 500 Index increased by 33.20% .  Also...
06/21/2012 - 9:29am
By: Armstrong Advisory Group
United States rapidly approaching the "fiscal cliff"

At the end of last year I expressed my belief that high-yield low-beta stocks represented a solid opportunity for income generation with historically less risk than other investment vehicles.  Since then, volatility has continued to rise as uncertainty has flowed from all corners of the globe, leaving investors with few strong growth opportunities. Continued domestic issues, festering problems in the Eurozone, and a marked slowdown from the world’s top performers will likely cause this trend to continue for the foreseeable future.

  • The United States is rapidly approaching what has come to be referred to as the “fiscal cliff”. Unless congress acts,...