Kuhner - Should we drug test people on EBT?

The Kuhner Report
Thursday, December 7th

Jeff discusses Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker's plan to drug test able-bodied adults on the SNAP program.  He also goes toe-to-toe with a listener


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Here in the entertainment business. WR can. You 55 here on the break WRK. Oh okay. Wisconsin governor Scott Walker is now moving ahead with the very quote unquote controversial plan. To make his state Wisconsin the badger state. The first in the country. Two drug test able bodied adults. Who apply for food stamps. Now to be clear these are able bodied adults with no children. And what walker is essentially saying is if you're going to be taking taxpayer money our money. Allegedly for food. Then we should know all the the money is not going towards you buying I don't know all. Marijuana. Or cocaine or crack or heroin and or whatever sniffing glue or whatever whatever it is. You're not going to be getting high in getting stoned with our money. You need food fine. But use the money for food don't use the money for drugs. I am 1000%. Behind this program. I think it shouldn't just be food stamps. I think we should be section eight housing. I think it should be EPP. I think it should be welfare. What ever when you get public assistance. It should go directly for dot. And not for you to be able to siphon it off for use it in some way shape perform to take care of your habit. I think it's our money and we have a right to demand that you sober up beat clean. And if you can if you're able bodied adult go out and eventually become a productive member of society. And so I am for this all the way. I agree disagree. And Dre got installed in Europe first go ahead and ray. You act. I yapping about a boot camp issue. I'm YE a little or no I never heard it several times and I actually over the year nobody in my out. About food and and I do it and number of people and likes coming up and our parking lot and I went out and how you wanna call it. Okay that and then I bet people. They get it because they need and I knew how that meant there not even allowed by cookie is if you add a yacht. Oh why not I entry at the opera so be very honest with you I think if you're poor or genuinely needy you should get food stamps. What's happened Andrea is is that because they put everything money BP. Is no longer reform stampede get cash. Or in a lot of states it's. I did not. Out to hold on hold Iowa popular front I was that hold on I'm talking Wisconsin. And so there abusing to assist them by taking money that should go towards food and instead going to pay for their habit. I don't minding your cat of maniac get any BT. And you read to get. Food are acts that whenever you are a lot on our air that achieve that I don't know what content in the senate and India where well. I understand that so but let's just take a Massachusetts. I don't think you should get cash or any BP card. I don't. We can't look at. And anger at the end. My money look I'll tell you why it's my money I'd. Andrea it's my money and I can't tell me when am I cookie. Funny that you don't eat a cookie one and wound that up until now. On food stamps you can get milk and you can get cookies. I'm telling you you Andre held on hold on. I don't want you to take cash and gold by lottery tickets or buy cigarettes. Or buy booze or by cracked or buy drugs. That's not for you to use my money my only black. In America it is our. You get trashed and we BP. When everything. That all of idea president guy at the map that you that the radio and he is. Over here I asked say Andrea that he not listened over here you get EDT which gives you cash yes or no over here. Yeah I know my gosh. I don't get Pasternak and you're the only one does not getting cash from EBP all the yeah. I mean I'm just telling you sold that they do it well I'll tell you something else a lot of the food stamps. Scored illegal immigrants as well. So there's less food stamps for real Americans that's another problem. But no no more cash assistance. It's my money if you buy food housing what ever buy drugs booze lottery. No.