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Thursday, December 7th

It’s the fall of Franken. Franken says in the coming weeks, he will be resigning but he is not giving up his voice. 


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From. Nevertheless today I am announcing. Bad in the coming weeks. I will be resigning as a member of the United States senate. Golf all. Four ranked then OK he's made it official. He has now resigned or we'll be resigning his senate seat. Before I get to that story I just wanna give a quick update on the pole. The corner country poll question of the day sponsored by bill Kelly financial services. Should president trump have recognized. Jerusalem. Are as the capital of Israel if the answer is yes and obviously I'm a big yes Tex the latter day the 68680. If you believe the answer is no bad move. I needlessly inflamed passions intentions. Tax the letter beat the six or 8680. You can vote online at wrko.com. Brittany what are the poll results thus far. Nine 4%. Say yes 6% to well. Best audience in the business that's all I have to say just honestly just. Just that you always get it right always 6172666868. Okay. So what Al Franken is now essentially gone. Odd to me it's quite obvious what happened. Vis women were just simply piling up. One of the latest actually penned an article in the Atlantic. Saying you better believe Al Franken is guilty he groped me as well. Another one a former staffer. Says that she bumped into Al Franken. And then he wanted to remember we did to that model where he. Tried to shove this you know is there is strong down her throat it's a particular French his technique. Well he tried it on the staffer. And she kind of ducked as he was stickiness Kong but going to the throat. She ducked and basically said you know your pig why you're doing this his answer I'm an entertainer. And this is my right. It's my right does an entertainer. And so I think at this point the Democrats said you know I'm looking at a cost benefit analysis of this guy right. He's a jerk to begin with. It's all costs and no benefits. And soul the they pressured him to resign. And he needed official. Role that Britain. But nevertheless today I am announcing. Bad in the coming weeks. I will be resigning as a member of the United States senate. I have all people him aware that there is some irony. In the fact that I am leaving. While man who has bragged on tape. About his history of sexual assault sits in the Oval Office. And a man who has repeatedly preyed on young girls. Campaigns for the senate. We'll look with the full support of his party. I'm believable. Are they just unbelievable. So very is even on his way out he's got a gimmick you know kick trump and kick Roy Moore. And big big ticket big bolt that trump and that Roy Moore. And so look let me tell you what I think is going on I think is pretty obvious. What's going on now is the Democrats realize cutting Franken loose cost sets and nothing absolutely nothing. Because democratic governor of Minnesota Mark Dayton is just go to war point another reliable liberal Democrat. To replace Franken for the next three years. So in terms of votes in the senate it cost the Democrats nada nothing zilch. That's point number one. Point number two. They got rid of Conyers. Conyers as you know. Is now claiming he wants his son junior. Ride John Conyers the third. To succeed him for his set his house seat. And it's now come out listen to this that there was a police report. In February of this year. Whereby John Conyers the third who by the way is an amateur proper. So this is the guy they want to replace the old man. Who uses the N word refers to women as bees. You know mother after this mother at bat anyway but let that go obviously to stop a brilliant man. You could see that just like a chip off the old block. Grabbed his girlfriend. And body slammed her on the ground. Then according to the police report pinned her down and spit in her face. She then ran into the kitchen pulled out a knife he grabbed a knife from her and then cutter in the arm. Each and this is the guy. That the Democrats in Conyers are saying junior should be replacing. The dad daddy Conyers. So again even with Conyers it costs them nothing. They're gonna get another liberal Democrat in this case maybe even the sun. The rapper son Carol like father like son. So it costs them nothing. But what it's now doing is he's creating space. For them to go after trump and go after Roy Moore. This to me is the larger end game Ehrlich is like sacrificing upon in chests. It's a pawn sacrifice. In this case DuPont's. Let me give you upon let me give you another pawn. What I really want is your queen. And what I really want as your king. I want checkmate. And so this is now what they're doing it's obvious it costs them nothing. It's no big deal. They can replace Franken with another reliable Democrat they can replace John Conyers hell with his old son nevermind just another reliable Democrat. So if not then sets the stage. If a woman accuses you of sexual harassment. They have to be believed we've thrown our out you've now got to throw your route. We've drawn are people out now you got to start kicking your people out. Because what they all sense. Is that Roy Moore may actually win on December 12. That the people of Alabama looking at the evidence do not believe the accusers. And they believe in Roy Moore. They believe him over the women. And so this is now setting the stage. For Mitch to squish McConnell. Chuck U Schumer. The one that led the charge on Frankenstein. Kirsten Gillibrand to say none and no I don't care the people of Alabama outspoken. I don't care they're judge and jury on this that they're that they voted on this. We're gonna unleash a senate ethics committee investigation. And we're not gonna seek Roy Moore and we're gonna expel Roy Moore and for them the bigger prizes. They now want to turn this witch hunt. This massive sex abuse scandal and now turn it fully on the president. Vets what this means. All about. And there aren't that they narrative that they are now creating the dangerous precedent is. If somebody accuses you of sexual harassment you must believe the accuser. There is no due process. In fact according to Frankenstein. Game according to Al Franken do we have the cut Brittany. Where he says the allegations against him were not true we've got that OK listen to Al Franken say I'm resigning. But don't really it was a really true what they set about eight. Roll it Britain. Some of the allegations against me are simply not true. Others I remember very differently. OK well first of all we have evidence the photos. Our view grabbing the woman's breasts so we've we've we've got the evidence a guy that's point number one. Point number two so the evidence the pictures don't lie in other words Frankenstein is trying to tell us what are you gonna believe meat or your rights. The that's point number one point number two. And then this I'm with Tucker Carlson on 1000%. On this particular point. What do both due process. What about the right to confront your accuser. Now the model yes she Porter and intuit but many of these people accusing Franken were anonymous. This overturns. Who follows in years. All the west during legal practice and tradition. Going all the way back to Roman times that you have a right to confront your accuser. To face your user. To find out exactly who the person is that's making these accusations against you out of what pine so you can properly defend yourself. Where they're now doing is what was done in Stalin's Russia. Where everybody's accusing everybody anonymously. I if they wanna destroy you they just believe the accusations there's a witch hunt mentality and basically they destroy you. They drive you from office or whatever it is they send you to prison. So. If I mean my question to Al Franken is very simple the allegations are mostly untrue. Why did you resign I would resign. If I was accused. Of sticking my tongue down a girl's throat which did not happen. Oregon I was groping women which did not happen I wouldn't resign. I'd sue. CUN court. So why are you why you stepping. Now now. If you're innocent both step down but what they're doing now is they've told now prowl. You've got your pension. Powell don't worry you're gonna get your own show on HBO. I'll you can team up with a Bill Maher. Listen don't worry about it you're gonna make millions peddling books. Go beyond left MS left BC you'll be up up political analyst. But now you've greased the skids. You paved the way. For us to drive Roy Moore out of the senate should he win and they're big prize the enchilada. Bowl and show a lot we're gonna use the so called women that came out against the president and we're gonna say. Al Franken went down. John Conyers resigned. Charlie Rose went down Matt Lauer resigned. Everybody else went down Mr. President you've got a gold down as well. This is their ultimate game plan. And so my question to you is this. Al Franken has now fallen. This so called champion and defender of women's rights. Who we now know always a complete hypocrite. Fall meet and who faced fraud. Who is groping him grabbing arm and sexually assaulting hum. From one side of his mouth or from one from both of his hands and on the other side of his mouth. Boy he was always about the war on women cock fairways are all defending women everywhere. Will this reverberate. And boomerang against the Republicans. Will this reverberate and boomerang against Strom. And how the Democrats now set a trap. For Republicans. A big that they may rule. 6172666868. Al Franken goes down. Have the Democrats now created the space. The believability. The credibility. To now take down Republican Roy Moore. And the president himself. 6172666868. Your calls next. I have all the people I am aware that there is some irony. The fact that I am leaving. Wall man who has bragged on eight. About his history of sexual assault ships in the Oval Office. The man who has repeatedly preyed on young girls. Campaigns for the senate we'll look with the full support of his car. That of course was big gal sexy Al Franken bites the dust. He announces that you'll be retiring he says the next couple of weeks under mounting pressure. I as more women to just piles up were accusing him of groping. Sexual assault and sexual harassment. However. The Minnesota. Liberal senator. Says just because I'm resigning my seat I'm not resigning my voice or my activism. Roll it Britney. Let me be clear. I may be resigning my seat but I am not giving up my voice. I will continue to stand up for the things I believe in as a citizen. And has an activist. But minnesotans deserve a senator. Who can focus will all her energy. On addressing the challenges they face. Every day. Did you catch that last bit where he said all her energy. Now does he already know with a successor is going to be who's gonna replace some. Already and it's a woman or is he just using her instead of is which is you can only is her energy. Because now he wants to do an ultimate Miette cold but didn't feminists and let me just throw one more log on the fire. Is it means I didn't hear an apology. Everything is I didn't do it. Our Gary I remember it differently. Or let's go after trumpet and Roy Moore or whatever it is it's everything but him saying you know what. I did it. I'm ashamed of myself and I'm sorry to all the victims. This guy is a narcissistic self of juror are self absorbed jerk all the way to the end. Like all the way to begin the guy shows himself to be the loser of all losers. The media is in Natick go ahead stadiums. Yeah. If you listen closely to what the rebel senator from both Minnesota. And has the say he actually never root early. He's talking about may do this in the coming weeks I will look into it. I think he's waiting until after the moral election to actually decide what he does. All you mean in other words if Roy Moore wins and they have to see him. He may turn around and say Oaxaca governor Roy Moore gets to stay but I don't. Exactly or if we don't want to pick the higher road and negotiate something with the governor of Minnesota where they put somebody in the audit interim basis. And then he runs for election anyway which you see he was going to do would vote November of 2018 and they look just like the voters so. The vote voted for their representation. These his entire picture kept on talking about Minnesota that the voters of Minnesota. I think he's good to go back to the voters of Minnesota run first data get more get elected. But if hideous yellow you may be right I thank you for that call I hope not. I think it would blow up in the Democrats his face can you add. Kirsten Gillibrand. And all these others coming out saying you know why he's got to step down he's got a resigned. And I got to say this. You wanna talk about world class hypocrites. So we're in Kirsten Gillibrand of New York senator right to Democrat. Came out yes are you have up from yesterday OK go roller Britney. I have to tell you I'm so troubled by. The allegations against the franc and I believe the women. I believe that what they said happened happened. And I think there is correct and I think it needs to be accountability and it needs to happen now. I don't want this investigation. And his ethics to me it's based on how shields. But you need accountability and it's long and I just think that kind of heat you can't be taller anyway anywhere. What I'm most disturbed about in this whole debate right now. Is that so many of us are now being forced to have a conversation about well sexual assault and really bad. And harassment not quite as fat and broke things not quite as bad back well I think the line this year and it's all that let's just say all of it is funny caption. How and that should not have heat attack. Weigh heavy. Enough harm are brought conversation about accountability and transparency and I know that I hope to be part of that covers and. If I mean you wanna talk about a sanctimonious. Hypocrites. Are trendy liberal. Who's just trying to ride this wave now this is senator Kirsten Gillibrand. She campaigned with the Bill Clinton last year. I'm not talking 25 years ago while she defended Clinton. When he was allegedly re keeping women sexually assaulting women I'm talking about last year. So when she was out there campaigning for Hillary dare she was campaigning with Bob Barr embracing Bob ball holding hands with the baba. Praising Bob buck saying what a great president he had been. And dare she was endorsing Hillary. Who not only enabled her husband but if you remember there's not everybody believes the accusers right that's like a new line. Hillary Clinton destroyed. Juanita Broderick. I mean vilify her spout on that or woman. She sits back on Paula Jones she spat on Kathleen Willey she spat on Gennifer Flowers. All Hillary Clinton did. Was a pack. And vilified. And and savage. The women that accused Bill Clinton of either re keeping them or sexually assaulting them. And now she turns around and says. You gotta believe the women under our public and not just above groping we're gonna draw lines in its Rogers groping worked touching its. Always go to defend the win here on the woman's rights of the others. I'm part of the hashed out we don't movement. You phony you fraud. Really. You see one it costs them nothing. Then there are all holier than thou with their finger whacking. Now that Hillary is gone. Now they Bubba is gone. All now you are what maybe we should have believed the women. Now when frank you'll be replaced by a Democrat or Conyers by Ellis I'm never minded Democrat suddenly had this does does does not accept. Double. Because what this is all about. Kirsten Gillibrand never gave a damn about the victims or the women or women's rights. What this is about is we're gonna get that quote unquote Bible thumper Roy Moore. And we're gonna get. The president of the United States. She's a phony and a fraud. And everybody knows it. 61720666868. OK we were scheduled to have congressman Matt gates song to discuss. By his efforts to now have congress investigate the FBI probe of Hillary Clinton. He is currently. Up on the House Judiciary Committee they are asking questions of FBI director Christopher rate. So it's been delayed if there are trying to have a month today he. But we won't be able to get a month for 135. Which means I wanna take more of your calls 617266686. Is stay right here every night riches in the park they opened. Some of the allegations against me are simply not true. Others I remember very different place. 135. Here on the great WR KOO. Say it's time for the WRKO. Box office to open. Beat the six caller into 6061726. X 6868. And you can win two passes for the dreamland. Wax museum. Chill with Snoop Dogg Tom Brady and the Pope. Visit the hall of presidents since the all 45 American presidents plus make an actual 3-D figure of yourself. In the little dreams 3-D scanner. They dreamland wax museum where cell fees are always encouraged. You're gonna have and Housley great time especially if you bring the kids. Fossil greeted six caller right now to 61726. X 6868. You know I'm just thinking. Maybe he'll be one of Al Franken like just with his hands extended. Like his arms out reached. And his hands extended. You know Milligan a groping position. That should be I think the statue. Of wax for Al Frankenstein. But that's just me. Okay you wanna speak of hip recruits. Elizabeth Warren. Finally I wanna give a hot tip to Joseph baton felled the Boston Herald for this story. Elizabeth Warren finally. Fine only. Ended up calling for a sexy gal. To resign. This was only after I think about this she supposedly war on women a champion of women's rights. If the ultra feminist that she claims to be. Well she's not just a phony Indian she's a phony feminist. Because she only called on Franken to resign. After nearly thirty democratic senators had come out a huge chorus. Where Moore who led first by the female senators. Then even Ed Markey even my killer called for Franken to resign. Then the DNC chair call for Franken to resign. And so finally government not to be the last person that called to resign. And she just quickly when asked well you know you've been quiet chief. You have been saying anything about Al Frankenstein. Huckabee said nothing. And a very curt statement she said yes they're about and felt and Harold she said yes he should resign yes yes he should resign that's a that's at. So you wanna talk about a Johnny come lately that's the chief for U. So that shows you how much she cares about women's rights and their victims of sexual abuse hold on. The departing approved us. Not the Politburo they're dead they're done talking to big weeks did they say does. Now you're sure. I'd nominee wait you sure your short of everybody's doing it repair and when me thirty of us now all the DNC chair. Off. It's up ruled by the fact the other guys are you should resign Alia is the bread he should resign. 61 a she is such a hypocrite and a sanctimonious. Phony it's not even funny. 6172666868. Franken resigns. Good bad. And this does this now give the Democrats the opening they need. To go after Roy Moore. And to eventually topple the president himself. Bob in Nevada go ahead Bob. Our a year different. Actually your last call moral hustles bull market fund their right. If I listened to Al words. I had the feeling that he was just trying to pacifiers for the time being and he because the army stated that he went to resign in the future and I I. I suspect that he's hoping is going to be some dramatic GO. Political event that'll take all the sexual harassment. Off the radar screen and he'll just remain there. That's pretty open for at least. I think Bob May you may disagree with me I think you're right I think something is fishy and I think worries hoping for is this. Even the Boston Globe. Is now saying Roy Moore may wind. It incredible about Obama just don't believe it so I think what Franken and Democrats are waiting is saying well if Roy Moore pulls this thing off. And actually comes to be seated in the senate. And Mitch McConnell doesn't expel him well maybe Frankenstein can come back and say. While loan. How co Moore gets the obvious seat but I gotta go that's a double standard hell no I'm not going. There he thought then that the liberals and feminists will say you know one out we back you you stay out. I I suspect. That may be something like that corporate separately. Bob thank you Wear it the go ahead Bob. I just gonna say about the Narnia. If it does Madonna that's funny. Al-Qaeda bought thank you for that call Al Franken has resigned but he says it's only gonna pick a fact. In the next coming weeks. The fall of frank Kim Jong in Needham go ahead John. Our idea on how are you a couple of things first saw the truthful frank and that it will lawyer or more ahead particularly. Can grab them girl's breast plate I would be against them killed when you have nothing and the other guy had chaos has proved bet the other thing is. The candidate or more ran against for the primary they're I was unfortunate look like an immense amount of money trying to dig up dirt. On Roy Moore couldn't find anything all of us flattened or police for Democrats come up with these women I don't think so yes sure there are. John what are you completely. But let me ask you. And I wanna ask all of you. Because you can see what the Democrats are gonna do. They're gonna bring out all of the women the so called when he women many of them have names. I'm there rexrodt amount at a press conference. Either gonna are we they're gonna restate their accusations. So one is gonna say at a nightclub in the 1990s in New York he grabbed me you know wonder my skirt and in my hand on my underwear. Another one's gonna say all my gaudy tried to make out with Lee was relentless he was like an animal. And there are a trail so in other words how 5678910. Accusers come out. And then just basically re litigate. And then say. I'm sorry but all of these women cannot be lying. And just like Franken has agreed to step down. Conyers has agreed to step down Matt Palau were Charlie rolls you can run down the whole list it's time for the president to do the same. What should trump say. When they obviously use that line of attack against them. I would SpinRite up to home. Back up border more have been no evidence says it all come situation later on. Assault flaws just like the lacrosse playing alongside of all it's saying crap it's all lit. You got to stand up so if you back down one iota they'll kill you. John thank you for that call book I think to me the counterargument is in and John touched on it where's the evidence. You know on Franken we have pictures. On Conyers we have a settlement plus witnesses. In other words Charlie Rose there were numerous witnesses. Not allow our there were numerous witnesses. By the way all my caught. There was a story on faux news. A couple days ago about it infamous ropes. Look at celebrity roast a roast of map pull our. By top media executives and professionals at NBC in 2008. You sold dirty. ED sold filthy. I was debating should I even discuss this story. With the audience today and honestly. It is sold graphic. The kind of vulgar humor. That they were making about metal our. And what he was allegedly doing pick Katie current or Meredith Vieira. And Currie. I can't I can't even describe I was sick and he would describe. And they're all yakking it up. And metal while work is joking. When you know he eventually the roles he starts to roast others you know these things work. He is there are all really bragging a ball all the sexual conquests he's tied. And the alleged stuff that he did he claims with Katie Couric with and three. They knew oh. Everybody knew who. The sky it was a complete section I mean he was a big I mean an absolute. Pig. Who is grabbing groping assaulting women. Doing stuff I mean this stuff. Let me just put it to you this way okay here did and I'm really cleaning it up. Katie Couric forgive me how to colonoscopy. Years ago. Matt Lauer was bragging. That he had seen her colon before the colonoscopy but I'm giving you Q&A very cleaned up fashion. And they're laughing. I mean they're yakking it up. And I'm like and you guys are role pretending like you had no idea what was going on with this guy. And by the way do you know who is there actually one of the role stirs. Actually cracking jokes about what a sexual animal and a degenerate Matt Lauer is. Jeff Zucker. Current top guy at CNN. But when asked about it. I that's not a match I knew I didn't oldest Matt all of them this is like doctor Jacqueline mr. hyped. I never knew this map to our this guy that's going after women and haven't sucks them and grow up and almond. You know just we're all sorts of things stormed groping him assaulting them but that's not I don't know about Matt. That's a map I don't know. The village voice. Gone a reporter assumed command there's no cameras or recording devices rollout. And actually. Managed to write on a napkin and all of the jokes in what was said and it was published in the village voice. Almighty god saying you did they know and they were laughing. And giggling. And yakking it up with him the whole whole time. I've never seen a bunch of liars. And to face phonies in hypocrites like this. I mean this Israeli honestly. I mean I have a tribunal fear of god really. Oh lane in north threading go ahead blame. I death thank you so much for taking my phone call my pleasure. I'm only because I feel like you're starting to feel like under a little bit earlier by. My feeling about Judd Moore and that the Republicans. Need to take a page out of the democrats' playbook they need to cut him Luke. It's not the problem with that GOP debate they won't date and no. They'll say you know put their feet and then just say okay no we're not given up why not given up we're not yet not even if they can clearly see someone going down. I know he is likely to win. And that's what they're hoping for as you bad if trump park him. It's it's going to be another nail in the crock and I really think ATP collect this one got. Elena you've seen me like a very nice woman and be obviously an intelligent woman. So I wanna pass out this Alaska this guy I want this to be a Hoss file or confrontational call I really don't. Could you all season like a very intelligent nice woman. I want to ask you this. Why not leave it to the people of Alabama in other words with Franken. You can argue the people of Minnesota never knew this. With Alabama. Venal all of the allegations. They'd been inundated with the allegations. So let the people of Alabama decide let them be the judge and jury whether they believe the women. Or whether they believe Roy Moore. My insert the back is that. Alabama or Atlanta and we coming from I am you know a very big gap band of democracy. However we have to deal in reality reality aren't back yet the people in Alabama mock me voiced their support of judge Moore. But the issue live in the what's gonna happen and involve a fallout in the entire rest and the other 49 states. And it's just not something that plays well they know that that made upbeat fair judge what maybe they'll think you need not be up they I don't know either way by. I get saying that if they hit that the Republican Party cannot afford to pay. Laid up and my what are what are if he is genuinely innocent. In other words I've I've I've I've done several segments on this we need to key accusers and only two. That look. I don't like men who date teenage girls I think it's despicable I would never allow my daughter frankly it gave an older man. But this is the south it was a different time it was 34 whatever 3540 years ago. So everything that he's been accused of most of it is he dated 1718 year old girls. Many of them say they never did anything inappropriate in this kiss them but he never groped them or assaulted him it was the age of consent. The only two where there is a crime. He's the fourteen year old Li cor friend. And the other woman that said he tried to rape or in the car. Leaked court for men it is now come out has a history of accusing all kinds of prominent man. She accused pastors religious leaders. Dozens of men prop powerful men of allegedly sexually assaulting her. So it it looks like either this is the most unlucky as woman in the world or she's got a thing about accusing powerful man. And the other one it has been shown deliberately. Fabricated her yearbook. She lied and forged her yearbook to make it seem like Roy Moore signed your yearbook when he didn't. In other words she's trying to get them because it turned out they presided over her divorce and she lost the divorce case. So the two people the two seminal accusers. Have shown that their stories. Hotter Weis say are questionable at best. Oh absolutely. I don't I agree with everything you're saying so I'm just sure if that's if that's the case then why destroy this good innocent man. Well because of the fact that unfortunately eight. Sometimes you have to have some collateral damage I know that that is such an awful thing to say I know that it is however are. We can't. Lose the battle I mean was it really can't believe the war are over about golf and that's just my feeling on that I think the optics on it. Are horrible. And really guilt and not saying that he's guilty or any of that and I agree with Yale. They've gotten better women that you talked about incredibly. Questioning and and I understand that but unfortunately. That doesn't play that way in the rest of the country and I want to look forward a conservative agenda that's what is important teenage and I feel like. Perhaps they may have to be sacrificial lamb and horrible what that amounts. Lena can you do me a big favor. Don't be a stranger call again. Thank you thought my god bless you or me we agree to disagree which are obviously very good and very intelligent caller. 617266. And a very nice woman by the we saw at the very nice woman. 6172666868. More voice of Boston. Bobby you mirror up that's going ahead. Myself the Bob quick he equipped for it that's number one. Going after Al Franklin Al Franken doesn't cost the Democrats anything it doesn't cost them the because the democratic governor of Minnesota is going to appoint a Democrat to fill that seat. And that's probably the lieutenant governor it's a woman whereas a bad news any more. Let that be flipped to a Democrat. And not only Bob do we lose seats but this is the key point. Is that we now have hundreds of openings in the federal judiciary. So trump now has a chance to have a conservative judiciary. For the first time since FDR. To if you give up Alabama all the Democrats have to do is win cooled seats and they get the senate. And that means you'll never have a conservative judiciary. And you can kiss the conservative Supreme Court could bottle. Very true and even what all the Democrats have to be damned slipped one senator and we all know that's possible. The the other point is about. The practice Haley. Gil Brandt as being nice hero for standing up to the clintons. At this point the clintons are powerless and not being a hero you're hero you have college if you stand up to power you stand up to people in the party and you do that some personal risk. Subjective to criticize the Clinton you know indeed say. There has been they've got no power. You know Bob I noticed last year. When during the election. She was all over bill Kurt Kristen Gillibrand. Was all current Kirsten Gillibrand was all over Clinton like a cheap suit. She was over built like a cheap suit and she was over Hillary like a cheap suit. So then by about being an alleged rapists and sexual predator that didn't bother her at all. Does she wasn't trash bag need to. Now. When Hillary's been defeated when she's a spent force when she's on her way out the door now all of a sudden on our. We got a call out the clintons as well. It cost them nothing. So think about what they're playing the game of chess Dick upon the upon pick up on. Give me your queen. In other words they're there are sacrificing nothing it cost them nothing they want the Republicans go to sacrifice everything. Our real senate seat in Alabama. By a real constitutional conservative. And ultimately the presidency itself. Ronnie Europe next go ahead run. Hey Jeff thank you I I wanted to respond Salinas call are like sushi seems like an earnest nice person. Put her entire argument was based on the first thing she said which is completely untrue. Which is that Republicans always do again. And once they've made up their mind they never changed their mind what Republican Party are you talking about Leno would you describe Charlie Baker is a dig your heels in and fight. Republican would you describe the speaker of the house or Mitch McConnell or Lindsey Graham would you describe. The Republicans are sticking their guns on healthcare and immigration on. Anything I mean the whole problem is that whenever it comes down to the fight. As soon as Democrats call Republicans are racist or as soon as the media puts pressure on them. Republicans have traditionally responded just likely not we've got to think about about the bigger picture we should back off this we should back off a best. I Ed this is why trump has been such a revelation. Is because he's a completely turned this party into a fighting. Are you again so I just respectfully. Completely disagree. Will without premise there is no way it would there's no way to ever know one way or the other and Rory in Roy Moore is chase. Ryan every. Guys love you. There a non sexual way I love you the only name you forgot to mention was that maniac John McCain. Other than perfect. Coming up next. Democrats move.