Kuhner - Should Trump have recognizes Jerusalem as Israeli capital?

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Thursday, December 7th

President Trump recognizes Jerusalem as Israel's capital. Do you agree with this decision?


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Complete news liberal lies and insults to the working people can we say no more. He's that cool their road course. To officially recognize. Jerusalem. As the capital. Of Israel. 1205. Here on the break WRKO. OK I'm back to my friends I had to have minor eye surgery. Yesterday everything went well knock on wood. They're corner man is back. Golf fall off Frankie and Al Franken. Frankenstein. Makes it official he now has tendered his resignation. As the senator from Minnesota the so called champion of women. Gold is down we're gonna discuss that later in the show also at 135. The man spearheading the drive in congress. To look at the FBI probe of Hillary Clinton. Two goal after called me. And the FBI. For their tainted investigation. Of Hillary congressman Matt gates will be on you don't want to miss it music maker interview. But first. Hamas vows that they gave seven owl are now open. President trump made an historic decision yesterday. To recognize. Israel. Are as the capital. I'm sorry to recognize Jerusalem forgive me are as the capital of Israel. Here was his historic. Announcement. Roll it Brittany while previous presidents have made this a major campaign promise. They failed. To deliver. Today. I am delivering consistent with the Jerusalem. Embassy act. I am also directing the State Department to begin preparation. To move the American Embassy. From Tel Aviv. To Jerusalem. And in the wake of this decision. Riots are erupting all over the west bank and Gaza. In Palestinian refugee camps. In Turkey in Ankara in Istanbul. They are now following days of rage. Against the trump decision. Against Israel and against America. In fact the leaders of the Palestinians have said that peace process is now dead. Others have now said this is the beginning. Of a holy war against America. The Turkish leader of the Islamist dictator. Air dog gone has said for Muslims all over the world trump has now crossed our red line. And so now the Muslim world. Is exploding. In anger fury and hostility. Against romp in fact they're burning him in effigy in riot after riot. The Palestinians are calling for days of strikes. All across the west bank and Gaza and now aired though gone is going to be needing. With Muslim leaders their convening a huge council of Muslim leaders to discuss what the Muslim world's reaction will be. Both to Israel and to America and to trump in particular. I was all of this is going on. President or prime minister Bibi Netanyahu. Went on Israeli television primetime address. And said this is one of the greatest acts ever Don on behalf of the state and people of Israel. It is a significant. Policy shift. And a strong pointed out going all the way back the Clinton. American presidents have promised. To remove the embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. They talk the talk the president however has walked the walk. And so the question is this. Did trump make the right move. Because after he announced his decision. It has been condemned. Condemned by the United Nations. Condemned by the entire Muslim world condemned by the liberal mainstream media. And condemned even by Pope France's himself. They read Francis. Doesn't like the decision. And so even the Pope in a public address. Almost. Unprecedented. Went out of his way to say that the status quo must be maintained. The interview trump should backtracked and reverses decision. To recognize Jerusalem. As the capital of Israel. To me. This is an absolute disgrace. I think the Pope has disgraced himself the media is disgracing itself. The UN is disgracing itself and frankly the Muslims are proving my point once again. Let's run down the arguments. Number one and to me the obvious point Jerusalem. Is the capital of Israel it is. So all trump did was recognize. The reality of the situation in Israel but to me is point number one. Point number two what peace process. The Pope is going on about all the peace process is now gonna be wrecked retrieve a bully. The media is saying all the peace process is now dead forever trump kill the peace process what peace process. There hasn't been a peace process since bush. Because deep down the Palestinians. Don't want peace David never wanted peace. And here we get to the heart of the matter. Why. Is the Muslim world. Expo loading at trump. For his decision. To recognize. The facts on the ground. Which is that Jerusalem. Is the capital of Israel it is. And all he's gonna do is move the embassy is gonna take several years from Tel Aviv. To Jerusalem. They're gonna have to construct a new embassy did you stop. Eventually transfer them over its gonna take a couple of years but essentially all he's doing is is recognizing. The reality of what is going on in Israel. You don't we wouldn't say it's a big deal if trump recognized I don't know Berlin as the capital of Germany. Or Paris as the capital of France or auto walk as the capital of Canada. However it is a big deal for the Muslim world. Because as the leader of Hamas openly said yesterday. Jerusalem. East quote Islamic Arab land. For the Muslims. They claim. All of Jerusalem. In fact they claim all of Israel. And soul for Hamas. For the Palestinian leadership for Hezbollah. For the uranium maul us. Four are Turkish president risks that I keep air though on who dreams of resurrecting another Ottoman Empire. For them Jerusalem. Is not Jewish land or Christian land it is Muslim land. And so their hiding behind this fig leaf all he's preempting the final status negotiations. Because the status of East Jerusalem which is heavily Arab. That should be involved in a the capital of a future Palestinian state. Well number one. If the Israelis agree. Too detached East Jerusalem. In a final negotiations with the Palestinians for a Palestinian state even recognizing Jerusalem doesn't preempt that. The Jews can still do whipped the Israeli leadership can still do it. But there's a deeper point. They don't just want peace Jerusalem. Because our access to the Muslim holy sites will be guaranteed. I as it is for Christian holy sites and as it is for the Wailing Wall the Jewish holy site. So it's not about access to holy sites. It's about the Muslims claiming. Jerusalem. As their own. And the reason why they claim it as the wrong. Is because in the Muslim world and here we get to the heart of the matter. They have never stopped. Going on about the crusades. For them the crusades. That was yesterday. Most of us don't even know about the crusades here in the west here in America especially where incredibly grossly ignorant. About the crusades. We don't even know what they were. Never mind when it happened what the reasons were. How long it lasted with the underlying causes were. In the Muslim world is the exact opposite. The moment the children are putting kindergarten. They're taught about the crusades. There are indoctrinated. About the crusades. It's in their schools it's in their universities. It's in their movies it's in television it's and their literature it doesn't end. It's nonstop. 24 hours a day seven days a week 365. Days a year. The crusades the crusades the crusades in fact if you don't take my word for it. Look at Osama bin Laden. Look at his literature. Look at stuff that he's written. Look at al-Qaeda. Look at our excess. Look at Saudi Arabia look at you wrong look at Turkey look what they come out and state run media. They always refer to Israel and America. As the zionist Christian crusaders. When we attacked Iraq and depose Saddam Hussein. Who Shane went on saying the zionist Christian crusaders are coming. Now. People American military think they're just saying that can mean America it's their way of saying America. It's more than that is there a way of saying the crusaders. In other words for them. We are the modern day crusaders. Israel is the modern day crusaders. Europe is the modern day crusaders. And so for them. There historic defeat at the hands of the crusaders. Is something that must be avenged. Because they want Jerusalem. To be Muslim again. When the State of Israel was founded. Jerusalem became part of Israel. And for the Muslims. This was a huge crime any huge reversal. Of their historic victory they had quite the had wreaked pitch in Jerusalem from the Christians over 800 years ago they wanted Barack. It's also why. I take islamists all over the Middle East claim Spain. They claim Portugal. They claim France. That claim Italy. They claim Serbia Croatia Bosnia Romania Bulgaria. Austria chunks of Germany why not for for the sake of claiming it. Because those were lands that were once held by invading Muslim armies. And so for them they were part of the crusades. They were once Muslim territories. And must be returned to the Islamic California. In fact air don't gun which now becoming a key player in this the dictator of Turkey. Has openly said. We are now allowing millions of migrants stopped pour into Europe. What our armies could not do. Our demographics. Will now do immigration will do. Meaning we will retake Europe like we were unable to do under the Ottoman Empire. They want Greece. That's why they're pouring so many Muslim migrants into Greece. They want huge chunks of Europe to become part of the Islamic pal of state again. For them it is the clash of civilizations. And so for them. Jerusalem. Is a Muslim holy city. It is after Mecca and Medina in the Muslim world their most sacred city. So when trump recognize. The I Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. I'm divided. The eternal capital of Israel. What the Muslims see is this. It will be in the hands of the west forever. It will be in the hands of Christians and Jews for ever. And this week cannot allow. Because we will eventually win the battle that began with the crusades. And so my answer. To the Pope. To the UN. To the liberal media and to the Muslim world is very simple. You want to clash of civilizations. Who got it we didn't ask for it you do it. Israel. Is part of the west. Jerusalem. Is the capital of Israel. We have the right to recognize the capital of Israel. The Christie the crusades. Are over. We won you lost. Jerusalem. Will remain part of the west. And it will remain part of Israel as long as the Jewish people exists. It is now time to defend western civilization. Itself. President trump has done it. He's not Neville Chamberlain. He's Winston Churchill. And it's about time he put the Palestinians. And the Muslim world on notice. Your days of kicking the Jews and the Christians around or over. There over. Jerusalem now you Arcadia. It. Previous version and then this major campaign promises and failed. To deliver. It today and I am delivering. Well one floor here on the break WRKO. OK it is the corner country poll question of the day. Sponsored by bill Kelly financial services. Do you agree with Trump's decision. To recognize Jerusalem. As the capital of Israel. If you believe the answer is yes tax the letter they the 68680. If you believe the answer is no it was provocative. It overturned the status quo it has needlessly inflamed tensions in the Middle East and with the Muslim world. That's what many of the critics are arguing. Text the letter beat the 68680. As always you can vote online at wrko.com. As I said Hamas has come out and says it has unleashed. The gates of hell. You Ron has now come out and said this is now a holy war to the finish. Turkey and it's Islamist dictator has now said quote trump pulled the pin on a bomb. The Islamist bomb. Listen now to president trump riots by the way are breaking out all over the Middle East. Listen now to president trump say contrary to what my critics are saying. This will actually in the long term. How the peace process. Role it Britain. This decision is not intended in any way to reflect a departure from our strong commitment. To facilitate. A lasting peace agreement. We want an agreement that is a great deal for the Israelis. And a great deal for the Palestinians. We are not taking a position of any final status issues. Including this specific boundaries of the Israeli sovereignty in Jerusalem. Or the resolution. Both contested borders. Those questions are up to the parties involved. The United States remains deeply committed. To helping facilitate. A peace agreement that is acceptable. To both. Side it's. I intend. To do everything in my power. To help ward she's such an agreement. C. That's where the only part of the speech that frankly I disagreed with. Now look he's gonna try he Haas the tri U obviously wanna have some kind of a piece if you can between the Israelis and the Palestinians. I just don't think it's possible. I think if you look at the charter of Hamas the constitution of Hamas. In the Gaza Strip if you look at the Palestinian. Liberation organization if you look at the West Bank. The Palestinians do not want a two state solution. Because it was offered to them repeatedly. Let the last one was in 2000. I at Camp David between then a liberal Israeli proud prime minister Ehud Barack and then President Clinton. And what Clinton offered then. Yasser Arafat he's now dead but then the Palestinian dictator when he offered the Palestinians with this. Almost all of the west bank and Gaza over 98%. Plus my chip East Jerusalem. As their capital. Arafat's answer Miette. Because in the end they don't want they just a simple small Palestinian state. Their goal is to wipe the Jews wipe Israel off the face of the map. And most importantly in their eyes. Finish the crusades. By reclaiming. All of Jerusalem. 6172666868. In other words you couldn't make peace with Hitler. You couldn't make peace with Stalin you cannot make peace with the PLO or with Hamas it is impossible. Bill in Dedham go ahead bill. Thank you taking my call the flight on my two points first and I actually have to say is that I think you're opening statement brilliant. I loved it I think everybody should erect and think about it. Point number one small point. But you look at all the critics of president trump. With the exception of the Pope who we must respect but we don't have to agree with politically. The rest of them are such that they pro the president trump is right if I had had enemies. I want those guys this morning enemies of settled through that I have certain things going for me and that means I am right. Number two. You are superb teacher of history. Perhaps at some point you would explain that in fact they crusades were defensive war. Not an offensive taking back territory conquered that was all not taking territory away mothers and thank you particular. Bob Dole look you know that. And look I wanna cite the greatest historian on the Middle East Bernard Lewis recognized as by far the most learned. Most brilliant historian. He said the crusades. Were a limited. And defensive effort. Partially successful in his words. To recalling Christian lands. That had been conquered by the Muslims. So Islam has been aggressive from its beginning. And that's how it swept across the Middle East that's so it's swept into Jerusalem. That's so it's swept and the most parts of Europe. And now they are there are they're furious. That there is a man in the White House. Who is not willing to appease some but saying no I'm sorry. Jerusalem. It's up to the Jews if they wanted to divide Jerusalem. It's their city it's their country it's their civilization. In other words blank off. Okay. Don't go anywhere Jackie Murphy isn't the WRKO. Newsroom where she does the breaking news on Al Franken resigning. Amid sexual harassment allegations. Could get away Jack. Thanks Jeff. 1236. Here on the great WRKO. OK how ranked in golf ball of frank then. We're gonna get to that next hour all sold. Congressman Mack. Gauged newsmaker interview he is spearheading the effort to investigate. The FBI's. Role did. And corruption probe of Hillary Clinton. Immensely important story we're gonna have all of that don't touch that dial first the poll question and a corner country poll question. This shore as the French roots and do you support Trump's decision. To recognize Jerusalem. As the capital of Israel. Sponsored by bill Kelly financial services. If the answer is yes Jeffries just recognizing reality it is the capital of Israel that's what Jerusalem is so we just did nothing more than recognize. The facts on the ground. Next the letter eight to 68680. If you believed no recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel is called caused unnecessary tension. Inflamed passions in the Middle East. In a rage the Muslim world needlessly. This is our reckless move on the president's part. Text the letter beat the 68680. You can vote online at wrko.com. Listen to mean now please very very carefully. Because this will explain. For you so much about what's going on in the world. And what is the difference between the west and the east. Between the Christian west and the Muslim world. Jury in the crusades. Is a very fundamental point. This seat of the eastern Roman empire I after the Roman empire disintegrates. It basically is a divided up into two trunks. You have the western half with Rome as the capital. And the eastern half with constant theme all poll are as the capital. In 1453. At the height of the crusades. The Ottoman Turks and the great Muslim superpower of the day one ace I mean victory. One that sent shockwaves across all of Europe and the west. Constantinople. Has fallen. Now Constantinople. This is a very key point. Was not just the seat of the Easter Roman empire it was deceit of eastern Christian them. The Christians of the east. Considered Constantinople. Sort of but we Catholics look at Rome today. It was there religious. Cultural and spiritual. Center. When the invading Muslim awards finally conquered Constantinople. They destroyed every major cathedral. Every major church. They looted all of the incredible artwork they destroy all the books and the Christians were either massacred. Or forcibly converted to Islam. And to show. That Constantinople. Meaning eastern christianity. Would never rise again. The Ottoman Turks. Built in massive mother mosque. On top of Constantinople. Literally upon the bones. Of dead Christians. And they renamed it Istanbul. Which is the biggest most culturally financially important city in all of Turkey. Ankara is the capital but Istanbul as were all the match and it's. From that point. And here you have to understand Russia. Constantin all pulled the spiritual center of eastern christianity. Then was transferred or moved to Moscow. And from that point on Russia the Russian government Moscow said we are now the third by San PM. We are now the new Constantinople. And the eastern orthodox Christian church. Each seat it's motherland. Will be here in Moscow. And we will from this point on defend all of the Christians of the east including in the Middle East. So if you want to understand why who will not allow Bishara sought the fall. Why Russia has always historically seen itself. I as the defender of Christians. Whether being Egypt and Syria in Levin on in the Middle East wherever it's because when Constantinople. Foul. Russia essentially took over the role in their mind in their national psyche. Eyes we are now by San PM we are now the new Constantinople. Now. What the Muslims did to the Christians in 1453. Let's be very clear about this is the CoreStates. Was a crying. It was a massive war crime. In fact it was a modern day Joseph sorry an early version of a genocide it. Today modern day definitely be considered a genocide. Let me ask you. Are you clamoring for Istanbul to become part of the Christian. A bed to become part of eastern christianity again. Are you asking for Istanbul to be renamed Constantinople and let's reclaim it. Because of what happened 6700 years ago. Not even the Russians. Claim is that at Istanbul should be returned to eastern Christian ants. And so my point is just a very simple one. Istanbul to me is founded upon a massive crime is great crime. Immoral crime a religious crime a cultural climb against the Christians of the east. Yet we're not asking for the return of Istanbul. We're not saying Istanbul must be made Christian again or must be renamed Constantinople. Or returned to Russia or return to European control or to western control. So why are the Muslims. Demanding the return of Jerusalem. Were able to say what happened 67800. Years ago is in the past. But they're not able to say that. They don't want to say that. That's the difference between us and them. We ultimately believe in forgiveness. See this historic Judeo Christian heritage comes in. We ultimately believe in turn the other cheek what happened 700 years ago should stay 700 years ago. And so my answer to the Muslim world is very simple. You have your Istanbul. We have our Jerusalem. Where now even Steven you don't like it blank off. But they're Chris mad dog Matthews. Softball launch soft ball. Not only what trump did was paying him reckless and irresponsible. For him it was all politics. And listen now to this. It's all about post quote unquote crazy evangelical. Christians. Down in Alabama. Because Roy Morris got an election coming an a couple of days. And you know all those questions are. We. When it comes to Israel. I swear to you just when you thought they couldn't goal lower. And play the anti Christian bigotry card they just did roll it Britain. Don't think this is a related to Alabama next week it is related. This is a Christian evangelicals that it would they're crazy ideas about. It Israel which is I don't know mythical they don't understand the situation over there and how tricky it is ethnically and tribal lead they don't care because it's a religious beliefs. Trump claimed that this weekend and watch them. It's unbelievable. I just unbelievable. So now you're gonna take a swipe so somehow the voters and Alabama all while I trample all we recognize the capital of Israel has Jerusalem while mom got our early Gottwald from the Drudge. So in the name of appeasing Islam. And Muslim fundamentalism. They are now willing to even continue to insult the Christians of Alabama. Who have nothing to do with what trump it. That's how pathetic the media and the liberals are. They would rather commit suicide. That stand up to radical Islam. And the in Nebraska go ahead and Aurora I can hear you can you hear me. First a person vote immediate end brother the biggest climate problem in Russia also I think that's another reason why they are widely viewed themselves regarding use part in the first instance. My fiancee herself live next to actually air and you know what's happening at that let back. It sounds like hosting all the critics that traveled an intro level the embassy to Jerusalem is. Is it trial that was in that state would have been great if state and the Palestinians. All over and over and over again. I'm sorry is did you repeat that. My question to Robert Trout are due out those critics citing transfers and. Moving the embassy in trump that he's Palestinian statehood party in parliament type again. Oh. Exactly. And that you would hear it zero point going to be Crist condemning Russia regarding. Yes yes no I look at the Muslims are also infiltrating Russia writes the coming of the York 25. Million Muslims in Russia now. It's a problem in Russia. Iraq every parent that might feel Palin did not expect Giambi. Slow it parted out of all the terror victims in Russia 26%. Of them have been in law also. Affecting it doesn't even make up 1% of the Russian population. The reason is great and the Muslim can't hold it a candidate I can't forgive. That call until particularly intricate attack simple low yielding never I would pick. Andy look and thank you for your courage to say the truth because to speak the truth today is an act of courage and almost they revolutionary reactors George Orwell sent. But those are the caucuses are 51 north is set to get its near Chechnya and these other parts. That those are the Islamist caucuses that are aflame with Muslim fundamentalism. And so look I don't wanna go on about this this is you know history and some people find history a bit drier dull to me I find it fascinating and it. Makes you understand everything was going on today. But you know we as I said we forgave them for Constantinople. IG Istanbul today. You've got the leader of Turkey today. Already now claiming parts of Greece. He came out today he is now claiming Christian Greece or parts of he's the one that's saying none among all the crusades it's not over baby. We're gonna send millions of Muslims throughout Turkey through Greece through the Balkans in Europe. And we're gonna reoccupy. Everything that we lost during the crusades. And now this guy's coming out he's gonna hold a summit with Muslim nations next week. To say how do we now peach from America and Israel a lesson. For what. For what. For recognizing the capital of Israel has been the capital of Israel. Do you see the kind of fanatic. It's we're dealing with. And you touched on. Look. Look at the life of Jesus and look at the life of Prophet Mohammed look at their biographies. It tells you everything you need to know ball both religions. Jesus said turn the other cheek you strike come turn the other cheek. Poke crucified because. When they went to arrest him if you remember the story some of his supporters a lot of short to fight the Romans torture sword down. My kingdom is not of this world it's up in heaven. Mohammed. Be headed Concord and slaughtered. And the core Ron never says turn the other cheek. The core wrong if you read it says strike that your enemies strike at the infidel strike at the non Muslims. So they have declared war on us civilization. We are now telling the world and trumpets. We stand with the west. We stand with freedom and democracy. We stand with our Jewish allies Brothers and sisters. And we will now no longer a piece of the radical Muslim world. Take it or leave it 6172666868. But you Arcadia well. Tom in New Jersey Europe next go ahead call. Jeff. God bless you man truth justice and the American way that's what we get on corner university. Thank you thank you don't pay you welcome to HF. You know you'd get from militant Islam you laid it out and I'll just get a little bit militant Islam. It's not radical it's a militant fundamental form of Islam Big Three choices. You can convert immediately. Competitor huge hit here attacks or whatever school they where you can die. Is the only religion in the world. That is a big bully. And it's time in Donald Trump has recognized that. The walls are closing in Jeff corner as you know and it's time to push. Back it will be as peaceful we can for as long as we can I suggest a little bit to loot and again last night. Bethlehem the birth place of Jesus Christ our lord and savior is controlled by Muslims. Cute Jerusalem. It's a no go zone. I'd listen America listened to and he's Cyrus. And he's Cyrus it's the twentieth minute tutorial. And you'll be educated. On how bad man Mohammed was what the code honor is all about. I watch sure real law does to women god bless you Jeff Connor you. Thank you for your courage Tom. Bill in mutant go ahead bill. Jeff. Bill I know I know what I would say you know and I don't want to sound confronted. But I think your listeners should know. That the Muslims do not believe that Jesus Christ died on the cross and that's so not trying to be antagonistic to look so blue consigned all Muslims. Some of the very wonderful. People I love your rights and that's that's what many of them like about the computerized. They do not believe that Jesus Christ item across and I hope you're. List is here that. And it doesn't mean you have to guess like the burning thanks but that's a that's one of their doctorates. Completely right. But he's just truth. This what I find stunning. Is to speak truth state what's obvious. Now everybody's worried because of political correctness. And that's one of the things I love about the show we are politically incorrect were one of the last free speech zones in America. And that's why I honestly commend you the audience the listeners for having the courage to speak the truth. Daniel in Cambridge Europe next. Go ahead and but a gap and just reluctant I don't then yellow my friend my love her how are you and I got an attic Colin that you're on the news I. I've got a body bag a Livan has all but three year and I blocked those straightened speak Hebrew and I love what John David. Why most important speeches epic American present aggregate. Why don't you think Daniel I only got about a minute someone to get your take. Why do you think we understand why the Muslims are all you know I've got their panties in a walk. But why do you think so many liberals here in America and the media. Arch are reacting so ferociously. In viciously. Against this decision. All the guys that jump it and even though we know go back to limit the app and I need. That happened on ninety the second including the I'm being Schumer aren't an idiot people or against the we look forward bat. About being. A lot of very good debated topic by a radical Islam because of anti weapon and that and that there. I mean it sort of narrative of being again you know those are good inside Britain not accurate with a track. For the sort of buy into it not a betrayal. Like whipped up a whole basis among Muslims like in Jerusalem just because June did. They'll walk there'd be dealt well I'm actually never went there this adult fiction and the spirit and a crop that Al are them off. Locked loop apartment. By the time that they. Mohammed went a bit off but it felt it. So it was a setup and what you said before we gain control but what's important other religion and to put a mock up big problem out what it is bingo. Dahlia I gotta go where you nailed it you're completely nailed it. My friends. Off fall off Frankenstein. In this. Next.