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Vote on our daily poll question had financial exchange show dot com while you're there fire of the media player and watch the show while you work. This is the financial exchange radio network. How could you watch help you win monitoring your health care I'm thinking about things like blood sugar levels high blood pressure. Heart rate well we're joined by triple nickel from the Wall Street Journal to talk about Apple's first medical study. And would it signals as a relates to broader health ambition strip welcome to the show. How are researchers at apple planning to use mobile devices in connection with health care. Couple last week. Introduced and you. App it'd been called the apple arts. And what it did with the development what an algorithm designed to. In combination with the obliged to act if they're irregular rhythm. And and doing we and I can be kind of a way to identify strokes where they are permanent and other negative part of. So let me just so I understand it. I don't have and I watch so I put the the watch on in now is it the the physical watch itself or is it the band that goes around your wrist. It's monitoring their. There's there's there's there's there. System on the back a bit actual watch. And if you. Like in a defeat somebody with the Warren bit lighting up on each other to be looking edit he can actually be. Big green LEE light on the bottom of the large. What they unity and out light. The system really really. That and ended into the wrist band and kind of track I can essentially track what are. And and that's how they determine our. So it measures your heart rate just by wearing the watch you don't have to count it and then multiply it would it would about things like sugar disease can monitor. Your blood sugar levels. At this juncture today they haven't been able to. Determine how to use or do you quit because smarter blood sugar levels what a watch. And then where if they can measure your heart rate and they measure your blood pressure with this device. I'm not at this point. And really right now or operated the army hall indicator ran and a lot of the use of the apple watches earlier this. We can't beat some basic calculations based on your height and weight in terms of calories burned doses you know you see when you. Hop on a treadmill and I and I'd wait. And again he's on medication and work the work out has done pretty. Howard calorie burn. Would have. The visit dead detect your sleep based ever fit it. And it would tell me how many hours I slept and if I was nicely it was interrupted as you watched that you know. At this juncture. The apple why aren't really news and does lead and become Earl fleet tracking American. 10. When it band that it falls short on Netanyahu some help researchers. 20 lead increasingly we are those. A lot more about our help then we realized. And so apple earlier this year ought to political edit that actually makes day. Public. Latin moderate figure underneath sheep and presumably wouldn't feel I've not used or tried it does is we tracked. It's I think this is like the tip of the iceberg though it was an trip in terms of how. Devices are gonna help us with the monitoring of our health than the maintenance of our health going forward. In the eyes of many poultry researchers that the case. You got to remember that would be apple want to contribute to the team. It's arguably one of the most sophisticated. The wearable devices out there that you see in other wearable calm now rob. It did land. Samsung and others. Better they're comparable then. Help researchers are now gravitating to they're using it and just see if it can be helpful and other units for example. There's gentlemen do an idea I Johns Hopkins on. The potential for the apple watched you indicate. That an epileptic seizure might be on the way or somewhere with epilepsy. And to notify that person by we monitoring or grade. And allowed an editor at cedar might becoming a more apt that day you know if they were to lose to yeah you know they'd at least be aware of it. That's our. You know make it probably even notify their doctor right. No brother doctor caregiver Stanley and a lot of our city and that's what is exciting culprit right now. Would how many watches they sold. It sold about thirty million watches are introduced in which it in what you. Quickly made in the largest seller based day in the world even larger. Then and any of Swiss watch Packers. And that being said you know an environment that the company that old habit to have like a billion iPad but I'd rather be out there in the marketplace. Droll speaking. Right to drop in the bucket. You know the question is can apple or more of these about a large. Orbit the error. You know it's fascinating and I think this is gonna play. I don't know if it's an apple device but I think. Devices are gonna play a major part of monitoring in maintaining our health and diet going forward. Clearly not that a lot of what the end is Asia right now on out there and thank you very much triple appreciate your time. There is a mushroom trip. Nickel Wall Street Journal I just invasion. A fairly wide band the the the week of may be mighty you know call currently sure rate them out to tuna Costa something like that. And then and that device would measure you know how many hours did you sleep. What is your blood sugar level butchers cute right if your if we have orders jumping up and down yup that's very bad for your your organs are you know what I have for breakfast and at that reminds me of on the outcome of toast and like you are in an area. Tucker and hire all new guys now they Goldman I did a real last week and we're every day. At an audit of ridiculous don't we Tucker needed to get her out yet won a prize you're out you're you're regularly as we're we're recognizing. The knee. Oh what health conscious. It would help with your cholesterol. Her Newt it gives fibers. But imagine you have this base and I'll give you five to does how much sleep it tells you your heart rate is. I mean I think this is gonna be an and I don't know that'd be an apple device that. They have reassigned literally. Hundreds of engineers to this project. The highly the next step beyond this is and where it's creepy is when all the sons on a watch that just pop chip inside the incentive gamers can monitor like this does is still tell us time I watched it. Yes occasionally you like to thank you can make a call from your iPhone predicts that the problem with the iPhone now is it's very cumbersome. If you talk to somebody who owns one of the thirty million of them. They're thick have you seen it that they're I've seen him only in the stores haven't tried on on or anything like that the they're pretty and comfortable just doesn't interest me right now. But I that is certainly potential the health monitoring. Is it would be fascinating. The other problem that we have with the iPhone as charge so much greater Yani they burn. Neighbor through the battery.