Kim & VB - Does Trump have fake teeth?

Boston's Morning Show with Kim & VB
Thursday, December 7th

The president stumbled through the end of a speech on Israel in such a way that people were actually wondering if he had a dental issue, maybe even dentures


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Given BV Boston's morning show. Dudley Hart can you know. Carded 7 over for good morning everybody to have you along here on WR KEL I'm just along with. Yeah and community during this women have this box office in dreamland wax museum tickets. We're also at 845 attorney but the WRKO gift of phone you can make the holidays brighter for some underprivileged kids. And tomorrow we will be live at Charlie's in Boston so if you're in that area. Love for you stop by and say hello. Two things one I'm it's all sort of defend you guys but not as not a defense just. Close seven. Tim is snowflake sound like they're brain dead ball I only due to of the same opinion first I had only that I'm on yourself rise to listen closely to what's the second ball that. What we do in this world as always I'm right you're wrong in your brain dead but. One argument against. Trump and one argument against what I believe was a good move yesterday it would be you know the George W. Bush philosophy which is in Texas we called walk him. And we all went yeah pad if you like bush that's it in Texas we call walked him well. We walked in Afghanistan and we walked in Iraq and how to work. We we can tee was so one argument against trump in other words would be were trumps as you can't do the same stupid thing and not expect to get the same stupid result. While you could take that to the next level say we'll do the next stupid thing which is another hornet's nest in the Middle East and watched you get stung again. Because that's what's happened the previous time we've kicked the hornet's nest in the Middle East. That would be your co owner to him and I book I'm open to. I still I'm with the president which is you got out of you gotta switch it up and at some point you gotta say this is who we are OK forget it this is what we believe. And we're willing to have to go forward with that line you have to argue that his policy here's consistent with the policy North Korea. Yeah well as you know we've been trying the same thing over and over and that's not working so I'm doing a different way. But the difference isn't really there I don't think we need each other than just calling him rock band but yeah no I agree you have do you think. And I generally agree that the Texas as you'd you'd Palestinians alike and unreal that from early two year old. You don't just keep given what they want eventually you stop. There raises your two year old days killing people right. Exactly in the difference to I have been here with Motorola hasn't been around for centuries in the fight the religious fight is at the core of what. Both sides believe in which will never ever change. And what I. What I think is different about this. Is that. Unlike North Korea is that North Korea. Does it does not have. So all. It is North Korea and its Kim Jung who weren't there were taking on here essentially we're not going to be attacked by China as a result of this Russia is not going to attack us. For anything that we do to keep North Korea contained. However we're looking at the entire Muslim world. It's looking for a reason to heat the west. But clarity do and they do it in your right but another day and just this is and and we already really having no. So we don't stop then we don't if they started chanting death to America. You don't then ago while everything you hornets does this. I'm not want it did in your tank I'm going to do what I think is right. Again I gotta get to a divorce where she just keeps scream in her you just keep screaming and our and then the divorce is finalized and she still scream and eventually move on with your life trump saying yet trump said he is it would move on. But what I don't know if there's no negotiation. We will we will move on last week I mean what's it didn't weaving knowledge. Over and over that debt Jerusalem is the capital. When I realized. I'm peoples state that they don't are you proven it. I mean this is our business is done there going now our ambassador moves back and forth there and does his business. Air and hotel but honest and an embassy in theory we'll see if that happens but it. It's it's a team move forward and it's an acknowledgment of we're just. We're not listening now where we're doing our thing. Unconvinced that this move forward will move us backward I really do believe that I said this will move it backward in that region I set an hour ago that the only thing that I took from yes there was the first line from his speech and memo last line we gotta talk about the last line. Because. When I sat down and watched him the first thing I sit in my wife was you who would like overrun their thing do you think he'll take a drink water during the speech and we also now. However did you hear his last line. Let us rethink all of the assumptions and open our hearts and mileage. Two possible. And possibilities. And finally I asked the leaders of the region. Political or religious. Israeli and Palestinian Jewish and Christian and Muslims to join us in the noble. Quest to. The lasting peace. Thank you. God bless you god bless Israel. God bless the Palestinians. And god bless. United church thank you very much thank you. So I wan says does he have dentures. That's exactly exactly what I think it was sort of totality financial poll question is up. Why I was he's Loring is just words towards the end of his speech yesterday it was at a dry mouth because the White House later in the day. Ariza had no comment and they said it was dry mouth he just needed to drink water. And we know why he didn't have a drink of water because we're not doing that again. Well so what dry mouth or is it dentures the Daily Mail is a story that they've goods quote unquote experts that say this has to be dentures landed. So which isn't. I think it's dentures and I don't think it's. And there's no reason not to have a glass of water they just came a bottle that he can open pit or any other app calorie drinks it in you don't worry about that yeah but I mean. I mean I'm not worried about this didn't add because I just think this was you know I mean this happens in fact I have secondhand embarrassment for him I hate this kind of thing. But have you said that. I know it's gonna bother him. Because people are talking about well why don't czar how to subdue him. A majority right there has to be of which somewhere and it's casting a spell and if you could just finish the speech with a dessert amount of time it's like Cinderella as she's raising all of a sudden the pumpkin changes. Like he just missed it by 52 half TR you almost got there although little slurring of it was going downhill got lucky he write if he didn't throw in the god bless the Palestinians and he just cut to god bless the United States. He might have made it earlier but every word he was adding in with lengthening it to the point where he was going to let go you guys and it's. As like really just say if this was W. There would be crazy conspiracy going on loaded ranking now. Even though he had just given eleven minute speech were you brought into when it somehow would've kicked in at that point it's almost like got to like the Red Bull was wearing off. And he just couldn't quite make it and he just missed them. Doug know their chances of anyone but I guarantee you we as implant. See that's I don't did I say that to you see I think you'll really be bothersome to him that there are saying dentures because. I think he answers in Genesis yeah as being like cheap he's getting implants yet his teeth are perfect. And and Chris chastising him for IRI. I yeah I couldn't care alas that's but if he has implants does this happen because I've not heard this now it doesn't so that doesn't explain it then not so then your back is it dry mouth or right there's something else Al Gore he's had recent somebody else neurological. Issue because we are right madly. Come on why was it working over eleven minutes and then for. Fifteen seconds and fail there there is an X there is a reason for it and it's not it's not nearly is. I don't think he has dentures are really dull although that's what it sounds like certainly but could you have like a Ryan where is too light on either side in and night sticks to the top of my grandmother has got to Parcells should Nam and wants and needs at George Washington needs these sets of wooden teeth that you just did not acknowledge. He may have a couple of teeth. BZ and wants it for implants and NB out of out of pocket or because he had it done you know however I mean remains in a seven yes he could I had done thirty years ago before implants were thing. Those until you right now looking it is T those are your plans they're beautiful and those are implants now he might have had some recent dental work. And maybe you had to have some. You know partial put in while he's waiting or something or what it has the opportunity. But his teeth are definitely goes there implants they're beautiful. Has put everything. Now there's some zero I have ever awesome not a solitary soul of a really good Jerusalem and bigger than just that.