Kim & VB - President Trump officially recognizes Jerusalem

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Thursday, December 7th

In a speech yesterday, President Trump made official his promise for the US to recognize Jerusalem as the true capital of Israel


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So let's give him this from yesterday for cam you watched him you've heard all the chatter since and desert diamond of the base question of the day is. Had a huge but as the needle for you moved at all in relation to this Jerusalem's. Let's start but to me. Just trump all much is due within for a second. His what was it eleven and half minutes I think something like that it was all I want Procter which I thought was really interest. Fine you know now I'm just saying I think that's Smart but I thought that was that that was interesting he didn't just go out there and just make this prop proclamation salsa right up front moves to do two things would meet with him. All of it the whole thing first line last line that's all trump yesterday that's all that's all for me that day it's important first flying business. And it tells you booed I agree with the 100% thank you. When I came into office I promised. To look at the world's challenges. With open eyes and very fresh thinking. We cannot solve our problems. By making the same failed assumptions. And repeating the same failed strategies. Of the past. Hold challenges demand new approaches. Death I agree on a good arm I'm fully in favor of this move I was made. I was pretty much in favor of it yesterday but I'm 100% talent now I'm with Nikki Haley said this is basically a no brainer I agree with. And I agree was what he just said. Well I don't I it as a move the needle for me at all because I don't think fish hit. I think this is what we all thought any. Mean to me this is not news this is where they do business and adding your buddies thought that it was the capital anyway. I know that he thinks that. This guy and maybe help. To move down a different road I don't think this is the road that's gonna bring peace. I just now. I mean I think we would have been better we would have been better served if he'd stepped up and said that. You know Jerusalem is. I have a I don't know you know and edit the peace process Jerusalem has always been the hang up that's hang up and in the end you know what's the answer. And I think just to start in the beginning by saying this is what just gonna have with Jerusalem now let's work from there. So I don't mean to speak that's going to be a good thing. I don't think that thing up. Oh ideas I think that I am has the Palestinians. Every time. Every time. But that and the physical because of delay some because they don't want peace. That's why it's not land it's they don't want peace they have to have a villain NAFTA have an enemy and they want to Jews destroyed that's why do you never gonna get beast so. If that's true and I think trump thinks that then screw it we're going to end. And I'm wisdom that's enough already so Dianne Feinstein for example yesterday of because everybody's been saying while the senate voted for this in the senate voted for this and so she tweets out. Well and we passed that in 1995 because it was part of the Oslo negotiations. Well firstly it passed it this summer to Wii and there was no negotiations going on second ball. How to work out for you in 95 when you passed that is part of the negotiations because nothing came of the house the original piece. There's this has been going on I'm with Jeff Jacoby after the 67 war the Muslims and you better not recognize. The outcome of this or we're gonna raise only how well. How long do you let them keep telling you you don't get to recognize some because we're gonna be really bad people if you do before you do something about it or not. It dropped I don't have let the flip side of this is he was recognized in 95 and what is happened. Not think it is help not old there's been plenty of bombs launched there's been plenty of attacks. Can use all. Yeah it's in now what do you think's gonna happen now the same exactly is that I don't understand why you're not. You're not. What I don't understand is the president is taken this this big bold stand now. Bet that the when we already have acknowledged that we believed this and now he's taken his big bold stand to beat his chest for why we're gonna see people die. People are gonna start dying. Well there's two that you sound sort Bernie Sanders with the tax cuts like people are gonna die now. People are every way they do number one number two they're going to die in this region. Because. A large portion of the Muslim community in that region. Wants Israel to be wiped off the face of the earth and no matter whether we have an embassy in Tel Aviv or we have an embassy in Jerusalem. People are gonna die because that's the way this thing has gone. Forever. OK so no matter whether we haven't embassy in Tel Aviv or we have an embassy in Jerusalem. We know where we stand as dim as allies and we know where we stand on Jerusalem so why must we instigate more violence because that's exactly what's gonna happen. I just don't understand the benefits of this are trying to understand that I'm not Jewish number one and I know that a lot of the Jewish community is appreciative of this I understand that. But I. I just don't see how this is gonna move the peace process forward I just don't see it. Why so you know I certainly anybody to me great and how do you think there's two parts to wineries up. Org but none might be in as far as different I think we're gonna smartest at all I think you it'll I think you wanna try. But I know where you stand on this I think you think it we just have to do something different one of the problem. We do is dude there's a reason why the phrase red Herring exist it makes you look at the shiny object that's that's useless to you. The concept of Middle East peace we keep acting like that's an achievable it may not be. And it certainly seems like he is and that's number one so people wanting to trump did now its he's gonna give them the excuse to say. What Jesus we're gonna have peace until trump when did that read. No because when one what does that do me a rough timetable when that's got to because every time Israel. Has said okay we're gonna give up eighty DNC and we're gonna bend over backwards to make that happen. Then the Palestinian could not not that either way to me a little bit more liberal because they don't want these this is their whole the essence of what they are is that we're. At war with them so hey peace may not be attainable anyway beat. So point in an ad in a battle. When you're when you're with you you decide who the good guy in the bad guy is in at some point you reward the good guy don't show we do reward Israel well Israel wants us in Jerusalem and they've wanted to for twenty years in every president has said that's where we should be. So you don't do it it'll erase the timeframe on that. Right and the rich and by the way that he just signed a six month agreement again so it's not any time soon they're not going to tell you got to do there's a lot of logistics fitness but I'm not I'm not so sure that I think there will see. This president move to Jerusalem. That's possible that it doesn't happen. And my issues everything that you just said is exactly. What I what I said yesterday and I'll say again I deer there is no peace here there is no peace. That your right to Palestinians just keep pushing the Israelis say no week we go back this is this is centuries of this. And it's not gonna change what you need. What would be a bit the most advantageous for the United States is that we continue to be their allies to support them in any way that we possibly can't. And continue to do what we can to save lives in that region. You are saying oh yeah song Boston. Let us know that it's not. Not right to 726668668680. Is attacked five president yesterday declaring Jerusalem as. The capital of. Israel recognizing that. And seeing that eventually he will move for the embassy from Tel Aviv to Israel. Because in all countries our embassy is located in the capital of that country. There are eighty some odd. Embassies in Tel Aviv. Whether they will follow suit whether this will change. Other countries attitudes I don't know I don't know we are asking you if by hearing the president yesterday. You changed your position. On this issue my position has not changed only because I just don't see how. I just don't see how this is going to do anything that. But end up with people losing their lives I'd it and I can't figure out what the positive side of it I I do understand. Why the people of Israel want this I understand all of the sides of this I really really do. My issued just I don't things will ever change and I don't think this will move us toward peace and I think it's gonna hurt this president if in fact he's. His goal is to try to bring priests. IPs to the region I think he's going to be pushed out I don't think that there were ever gonna get. It may come the Palestinian certainly to come to the table with him. There's two other issues on that 1617. Interesting timing in this announcement Roy Moore is already citing the Jerusalem recognition and speeches and fundraising went as I heard Matt Chris Matthews of all peoples claiming that this is done for Roy Moore. Yeah right again trump is that times trump is either before -- crazy like a far Tories just crazy the good depending on how you want the story to go users of social visits Machiavellian figure here now in this one. But this morning when he tweets you'll be back to be in a before when I guess. That's one thing too is that is sort out that I know that is smarter than than me as much more knowledgeable on this issue than me Jeff Jacoby of the Boston Globe. His phrase yesterday which I'm gonna steal now. Is you can't just give the Palestinians are rioters veto. Over over certain issues again they did did threaten us and 67 they did threaten his back when user was created in. You get some point you have to take action make your stand and say. Yet thanks we've heard your issue in your objection and we've also seen others don't what it's like a flower right lauer says all right I'll go way I'm gonna need 39. You can then haggle over whether that's when he five million or whether that's when he made and then as you chip away you can keep arguing that. Or you can do with the whoever was an NBC gave coming it's a the B zero thank you. Good night so we're not gonna keep doing this for at least it was strong ones from president we're not gonna keep letting the Palestinians think that they have. Some sort of hired his veto over this it's done we're cool we're had me and what's next. And one thing that could happen here dude there's a number of possibilities one is that yes there's going to be short term violence in their may also be long term violence too is. That they may wake up and all man he's not him he's not playing around and before we lose the West Bank Merrill we may need to start getting serious. I don't know no one knows what we do now on I know that's not gonna have you how do you know because we have a history. I'm not doing what did you race. He's never no one's ever done is what they've done is placated the writers you know you've and it's never wore it doesn't matter BB violence will continue they don't care about they don't care about Donald Trump. Donald Trump is just another. Another world leader who's out there you know they don't hear this is their conviction they will die for this. I mean centuries show us this and they're happy that kill you forward is well that's the thing. There will not be peace over this there won't. And the worst part about it is now the present to me is the president has taken the United States out of the ability. To try to help. To at least keep moving it forward to at least try to save lives to at least try to keep some kind of peace in the region. But I but it's again for me I honestly think that this may be one of the top three things he's done as president because. It is forcing people to take any issue had on that they do not wanna take him off I find signs of per feinstein's superb example where. All in 95 we did it because Israel what do you. You you only were doing this when he had no real facts so you were doing it is a PC move. We think did peg him as he should be injure the you do literally set that. And now that somebody's doing it now you like whoa whoa whoa way to blow up in now you have to think it's your fight in the 1995 this is win with this is really only one talking he was going to load their word when Clinton was doing something that was great and now we're not so sure you don't you did do what again this year when it was on negotiations. But. At some point you say if theory that. I think you and I agree right there isn't going to be peace right nevermind anything after it just does not going to be peace. OK then you have to take a hard look you solvency so then how do we operate. Do we continue to placate the people that we think are the reasons that were not getting to where we want a dead. Or. Do we say enough already wary Woodward now getting back to what we do which is we put our embassies in the capitals. Well sometimes you do stand on the outside in placate in an effort to foreign held on to work for a time to help audio are in to help your ally. And I think that I want steps you understand that right they want us there. We're not helping them for not doing well. As well as as world police which obviously we we believe that we are. I think we have to recognize that our ally can't always get what they want to. That's because again we're trying to keep some level of there's only so now he's got to do is there's ever going to be peace are never gonna settle this. But what you. In what our goal I think should be used to keep this as peaceful. As it possibly can be so these people can can coexist. And. Yeah right now president of Marcelo you you begged the person you like. Just keep it civil hanging their for a little while don't do this for a little while and then you hope that you get an agreement. If you don't get an agreement eventually go hey dude you do you're too bad because we tried. This is the next step which it's looking right now where we're gonna take care we're gonna do what we need to in and you guys doing what you guys. Morning show with Jim. Boeheim like and deeply. Literally the most interesting man. 648 here can you argue. Six or 726668. Yesterday related. The issue of Israel lobby got a body isn't over to this morning hey Bobby good morning your WR camp. Right timid BB two points out I think it could present a different cast secure our respect to listen to the whole thing. A couple of things the United States gives the Palestinian Authority millions of dollars okay ensemble worn. And and and and what does it say about culture when they threatened violence based on someone move in the capital. Okay and that's steps number two the other issue is. Think every rocket ship that the Palestinians have launched into Israel in the past forty years old capital was in Tel Aviv. So I don't see any reason why the cap or should not be moved. Today ancestral homeland what it had the 3000 years OK so I don't. And and and and apple foreign policy you look at just the backside. Of the Palestinians. Like the other countries do and get nothing out of great. I I say probable for president on a call in the market. And and and to a what he did you know this is law law would do with the just passed in 95. Should have been implemented by 1990. And and you know this suspicious. Vicious showed a lot of political will by the previous presidents get this thing done. So I feel about it. Well I I agree on a present I do I just. I'm not knocking Bill Clinton for example I'm not knocking Bill Clinton for not doing this because at the time where he was. This was their planned in this what they were doing and they did get. They thought they got pretty far what they didn't realize was. When you get to that point the Palestinians ample the footballer before you ticket which is what happens every time but in good faith they tried and so I get it. I get pretty much why every president has done it since but I. I think trump does a lot of things just for bluster in just because he can't he takes on the NFL just because of from a fight I'm gonna win the fight and I don't really care one way got a I think he does care about this particular issue may be because of commissioner. I don't know why he dollars. And I didn't I. I just I think what he said the second he said it like you just can't keep doing the same thing we use outline all the time that's what the definition is why. Why can't you keep doing the same thing that's right about why he intones I'm OK so for you get that because I'd just because I didn't I don't think this. Is gonna change you know bitten Bobby just said you know how many rockets have been launched in these were all week TC how many you're gonna get launched now. The entire area and were easier to be blood. Beat you gotta go live that favorite time they've taken them on they've lost so do let's go back and win any influence on me an idea or not world begins this. All they're not going to and second of all one things is. So for Yahoo! and again for a lot of people I get it but I'm with the president on this. You don't keep doing the same thing and let's. Do expect the same result for you you're comfortable with the same result which is. What that there is a nightmare and it's sake but let's just keep its hockey. His view is look if we're going to talk about actually trying to fix this as we do every day. Then we've got to do something different. If you're if you're fine with status quo don't do this I agree but for him he's not. And so he's gonna shake up. And it's a big bold play I know you don't think it is big Campbell I think it's. 100% bigger hole I hit it I think in the I think it's a big and bold but I think it's not I don't think it's the right play I don't think this is it. He is absolutely limited himself from being at table now completely. This is gonna take a long time but warn act if if indeed we do this and if indeed we do build an actual structure and we put it there. Do other western countries fall. We won't know for years but I guess is they would. Because they're gonna let the US find out and it's going to be all on us as it usually is in the world. Let's find out there's a lot of Elizabeth Warren's and what do what I mean by that is what she did with the Al Franken yesterday she waited till everybody. Took the heat first on calling for Franken there was no heat but let's see what what the fallout is for calling for him to resign when there was none and she said she would. That's the way a lot of the western world war I. Let me see somebody else take tiger out what the trouble is first then we'll make the move well why oh why shouldn't they do that this president are the only area to you we either believe we should be in Jerusalem you don't you have to have an opinion on that. He does believe we should we should so does threes may think that the English embassy in Israel should be in Jerusalem Ramallah it is Jerusalem the capital of Israel. She's she's gonna have to make some sort of stand on this let me go to like he's in New Hampshire good morning I. I I'm glad he did and I say it Hezbollah and Hamas. Iran and all these other Muslim majority countries want to raise holy hell. And send more missiles into Israel then I don't but let's go but still if the mob wanna live in the seventh century and let's send them back to the seventh. Country you really don't mean that Mike writes why why not act as what they got a guy who doesn't it on alert watch because it sort. Because why do we why do we want to get involved in this Mike how and why do we want to bombing Israel. Because we aren't all that prominent Muslim majority countries. In the Middle East Arab Jewish people and government position public. How many how many look at the Jewish look at the bullet hit Israel what good would have been juris formal government. The Israeli government how many Arab company muscles are in positions of government and that country. Lots watts and this is what the problem it. And I want to citing Cheney's second date they don't want there's certainly there's one side doesn't want the best. Out you're. And I continued to capitulate to outside that only wants so. So so you get started this fight it out to the death. Why are doing what I don't expect this in Charlotte because you're just certainly they're gonna look bring in so and that's exactly what this is saying bring on Mike and you. So you think that's okay. I acknowledging. That the country that we are at the lowest. And or not I it's probably my plan where it. Said that they're capital state their capital their stated in its Jerusalem and we acknowledged that that all the excitement that's because all court three and our all that's just an. What I'm saying is that what instigating it caught it he will instigate violence regardless. You know this is easy to save my when you're sitting in New Hampshire. But when you're lip when you live there and this starts in these bombs start dropping. And then we have to start sending people. You can argue that the united. Paper she picked up the basic respect imagine what that would implemented. And I don't answer what to protect them so that civilians Hamas Hezbollah rockets are all many many decades now. The widget that the United States that we already we're already involved cameo this SoundBite. Don't drop picture on it. Don't drop because the most popular appeal. The root of peace is gonna show you how peaceful hard interrupts that. Public works setting the religion of peace. Sort of edit video that you're ready holy hell I'm Jewish hospital they get a lot of big is it and are innocent are Jewish girls. They got out people they don't drive over people. That's what you are saying it's our fault it's our fault because. I'm like man I'm not saying it's our fault this isn't our fault this is centuries. Of hatred that is never going to end so why don't want to get the middle of a and instigating it to be worse. Bad that you didn't we or me we know where that we don't Wear our alliance lies and sort of the Jewish. What better. I'm Jewish state camp there's one Jewish state. So okay around they're the only democracy in that region OK I don't think is right so we. Is that not the same thing yesterday morning before the president said that did you not see it that way. Did you not feel that way about it. Thank god again everybody thank thank god we didn't elect Hillary Clinton then that god we have Donald Trump. Gold finally finally it broke right bank because you know what. Peace for a strike and this is what the United States and this is what the world to see if a country like ours the greatest country. Spinning up to bullies in the Middle East. They do nothing to contribute to civilization all the material it's raw violence and rule through fear and finally. Finally hopefully during a way. And macro and they don't want also find they get out there are no ozone and make it wouldn't be here and it can get run down look at the markets over there they got they got. Bailey right there like they might the only the only argument against I'm with you wanna present the only argument users that's the logic to we used to do in the to take Saddam out material witness here against as a scorer were going on in we're Ariza ally in the morning actually about. And I don't always go well especially in that region and we know how that went. But the argument against you Jim and against people that are against this is this is appeasement is a general rule throughout history is. History looks unfavorably on appeasement World War II is super for example people thrown Neville Chamberlain around on the tax line but yeah that's right like. We just don't want any trouble so let the bully dude do what he wants a set piece in our timing is never worked. This is coming from the same president who says. There were not the world police and we don't need to be out there. Well we think that actually think this move falls in line with that we're not the world police we took aside on this we are no like it did the American play has always been we're gonna try to be objective in trying hope you come to it an agreement here. Trump's position is we're not objective we are on Israel's side on this Don it's it is so that these up policy change will. So essentially that that is that is for me that immediately is so. Peace be damned we've taken aside come get us. Well one thing is that it really that we are not your thoughts when I say come get on hot so he's clearly I Israelis and they want to I don't isn't isn't there at all. I think it's peace be damned we're taking aside this is an oral problems. We're not where we if he suggests there is no longer sell our America is no longer gonna be the ones sitting at a table trying to get both sides together why he wants to do and in the short run that'll probably fade but we don't know in the long run. How that'll play out. But unity in the short run they'll act like all we're done with the American now will Wilson I'm. Again I'm with trump on this too which is a big pocketbook there and it didn't you're all that's closing view. And you're not gonna walk away from astronaut Bob will see our plays out. But again it all gets back to me Israel wants as its Israel's. The one whose sons and daughters and they're gonna be in danger and that are going to be attacked and whatever and yet they want to. So why are we he's saying no we don't wanna do this to put you in that position like their talent you please. Butcher embassy in Jerusalem but this is what we want we wanted to for a long time.