Kim & VB - Peter Strzok texted his mistress 10,000 times

Boston's Morning Show with Kim & VB
Thursday, December 7th

Part of the delay in finding out exactly what Peter Strzok said about Hillary Clinton is wading through the massive amount of texts he sent to his mistress during the time in question


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The voice of Boston is huge every morning there are critics are hardest and Boston's morning show acumen BP. RT you know. Good morning everybody it is Thursday morning 606 time champ dvds here so is Jim hope you're having a great week. Good morning to you sir and you got a favorite story this morning already. I got to all running a bit of that argument here in the studio I was there right through it sold its rock throws extras are whatever his name is. Hillary loving FITI yeah yeah and it's enough notoriety never I never know with the other I was still low. I mean now whatever editors guy's name is it. He and ms. page Lisa page the woman that he was having an affair with a let's all this hullabaloo yeah. So they gonna find the tax that worthy pro Hillary texts as they're reviewing him. It came ice pass today that. They're going over there they're pouring through Weis should say quote over 101000. Texts between them. I'm stunned by that number others here that are younger than Ira M are not stop lightning and snow labels and that's not. Unusual now I don't think that's where it at all I think it's weird in that it's not his wife. That this is somebody's having an affair with that is streamed out of that like. Blatant about it I'm like yeah I don't think 101008 years weirder well I actually think the opposite though Jim I think that. It's not weird that he spending he said the 101000 to his mistress you can be assured he did not intend thousand to his wife. Shoulders and borrowings. One of which is that he use of FBI agent and at that time was a rather high up FBI yet find out that he was the one grilling Loma. You know home team kind of like we say about this would be friends all the golf you plan when you have time to Greg. With all that tax thing. But when you got time do anything but it takes. Five seconds to send a text that says that they don't get things checked so much is because. It's easier than go like spending ten minutes on the phone need to sort of text back and forth all that I have no doubt that a light might teenaged neighbor. Does this. But when you're an FBI agent you have a lot going on here you're texting should be a minimum just beat you have a lot of time even engage in silly conversations. Where. There's much follow what are we getting together tonight. CNA let you know from emulate that's it right is no or did you want pizza or Chinese like these no bright. Well the thing you can believe that I just re Harrington might and might we don't meego. Well I keep this in mind if he sent his mistress 101000. Then you're gonna add on there probably were asking you do is why I can now I just counted I sent him 43 text yesterday. I I don't I don't doubt that happened I mean I'm running I run ins you know my husband have to be away right now and I was texting him last night. I was six I was sitting in a basketball game all come going play by play here with him about what was happening there we're sharing those tax day I mean there are times certainly. Where there may be more than at other times but overall. Your mistress 101000 text that's a lot of tax. Slowey again we don't know the exact time your but it looks like it's a good quote several month period and a and then others are saying this summer. But Jesus 345. Months let's give on the benefit Nazi five months if that. What what is really I don't wanna read too much into it here but what it tells me is. As is most often the case with guys that are having affairs. They turn in the teenage. Like what constitutes a text is it taxed a conversation. That's endured all of our ultimate arts is it any time my asset and an out of hey hey hey screw up what's up yeah that's for tennis yet and already it adds up a lot faster than you think it does yeah yeah I'm thinking. I'm thinking to an acting in my mind I'm thinking conversation. That's attacks there and you know but you're saying just every time he hits and a. So thousands not hard to get him. Well. Number one. The guys in his I think he's fifty ease ease but I need no need number one number two you're FBI agent for who knows all toward rebuilding what is your what the line never speak when you can wing member of winking you need never writes. And you know text in New York grilling people overtaxed. And over email issues as you're doing yes. And you're doing half. 101000. Of them PO VBUU settings and then they go and it is so true. You mean people get into these affairs and whatnot and they do they turn into teenagers and they'd lose. Also it's. Of what's Smart. You mean he is currently there are people over that but I I don't think he's alone yeah I agree he's concerning to me puree and this is. Again by playing into the whole thing will. Yeah okay this is one of the guys that's down I'm running out investigation. And now we find not only is he pro Hillary allegedly we haven't seen attacks yet to. He he also can turn into a schoolboy at a moment's notice like to Dodi on that one of the leaders in the FBI. All these people do that they'd lose their entire since of intelligence and common sense. You're there like you said grilling. Someone about their emails and their texts while your having an affair. On on. On attacks doesn't she ever step in and say maybe an ex mayor on that acts today. Well torn down she also loses I mean it's not solely blamed. Who lose their. Smarts when they get into these kinds of ridiculous relation well what's that. More our environment Al Franken at some point today were. What when people are doing what they do they don't think consequences or don't think GI have a lot to lose before Grambling and Sweden's breasts in a joking way like. You don't always think about consequences but I would think an FBI agent especially it's pretty high up the chain. Would be aware of what he was doing an open we know when Kobe's case I'm gonna see in my car I'm nodding our heat on an ominous start typing right now. Because everything I do every minute could come back I think I didn't realize. Outlook you don't wash. I think that you say that everybody doesn't understand the consequences. A lot of people do. Mean you're not running around reaching out just grab Muslim woman a hole I thought you don't know what the consequences are bull car just doesn't know there is consequences be damned isn't it yeah it absolutely is that's correct that's so true. You know and then I mean that's the problem that we have going on in this country right now these people are. You know consequences be they have other reach over grab your breasts as I want you because I think it's funny and I I'm Ellen it's a picture to boot. It's just that the world but I remember it the comedian Andy Graff M I interviewed him once in retirement Mariah Carey because he had dated her. And that is out of Zack are wrong he goes to she couldn't stop calling me. I'd be on set getting ready to do taking any what are you doing any what do you did you I couldn't wait we can't just couldn't continue like that. I most he's no can't do this. Almost as Eudora and involved in an affair though. Through site that's all of them maybe I really do think I think that's probably don't have time to check their wives or Texas their girl well well. Yeah okay that's the truth but why don't they also is the busiest man on earth ABC they have nothing suspects are really bad math going on in the. Text line and give thirty texts a day you get to 101001. Months and six. But no he corrected himself in the neck could I thought I. I have a he did you just did what this has got better at that actually right there and it's one to win. Practiced with Kim in DC. Boston morning show just leave arcane. One of the smoke played an old. Financial hole. I'm glad I can't tell you got the perfect song that fit that says. Here's my number on us I would put I might put this in top 101 hit wonders and I know she might not be 1100. I did you can't drive us. To use uses some well this is it that the other good thing about it is he didn't have time he would've had time to call me baby. He said their quickly tax 'cause you know you do that when you're changing people who are sitting in the seat across from me. But his right turns over evil against public I don't come from the same political philosophies but you can have a conversation without it being used sock moment. So like may be right I may be past the point of 101000 text in three months or five months may not be Korea I'm asking is it. To me that was jarring to him it wasn't jarring and also is 101000 texts between. Between illicit lovers. Hi in my. Well I think it the issue for me is is less about 101000 dioxide I'm sure that if I were to go through my phone in a few months ice in 2000 tax hike. I operate like all of a student now I have read so much more through tax than I ever do you talking to someone on the phone. Well I I'll ask you I don't wanna go on as much more but yet but guys are one thing is I would what I think is shocking about it. Is that the guy is. Is doing yeah any doing that. In an affair you again consequences he can easily pick the start picking up the trees that back but. And he jumped. If you say okay give me your best ballpark figures like the candy corn juror to new ballpark yeah your nominee text you sent this year. I'm guess I'm around 101000 but I don't know it could be fifteen doesn't agree 5000 I have no way to really qualified but I'm and I do tax planning. That minus 1000 I've met easily or more but that's with that's just in my years as people. With my wife no way my wife. She would be my number one text recipient god bless her. It's big it's not more than maybe 2000 me I'm telling you we did 43 yesterday and that was a day we spent half but he together yeah. I DeWitt I think about it. I said the one attacks every day my kids I I I text my kids constantly in my oldest of course is a way so that's how he and I communicate a lot throughout the day.