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Wednesday, December 6th

President Trump has broken with long standing tradition by acknowledging Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and pledging to move the American embassy there


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Jim indeed believe mandate that condoms some chewing gum and ask for Ernest pretty good night so yeah. I always via Sony ATV. So while the big the big news that's coming out of Washington today in the presence is actually made this announcement is whether he. He plans to follow up on. By the way a campaign promise and that's that the United States were now recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. And that ultimately he will call for the moving of the US embassy from Tel Aviv. To Jerusalem. Sort of unanswerable question that's been up for a little while now where should the embassy be Tel Aviv Jerusalem or don't care drizzle 51% don't care 42%. So. You don't beat. Let me let me be up front on this I'm not versed enough in it my gut is to say I'm fine we Jerusalem and let's see what happens because. I don't know the the concept of keeping an Intel of beef to keep cooler heads. But to allow cooler heads to prevail I don't feel like cooler heads have prevailed since we've been in Tel Aviv so but. Regardless. There's a number of things going on in the trump defense and I heard Kellyanne makes this defense this morning as. Previous presidents have made the same promise and they just them filled as promised so suddenly we care about what a bomber appointments. That's kind of weird. The tower defense to that which I also heard this morning. A point Andrew Cuomo senate. Our. 86 embassies in Israel they're all in Tel Aviv there are zeroing Jerusalem as. What what does that and so the US has to be a follower always. I don't get what that means or you could argue the US house leadership. WS act has to be investigator but. Or they have to leave there's a reason why the personally what areas and that didn't do what others have done before so what point you gotta speak up and you what are we leaving to. While we're leading the order Jerusalem and we're gonna we're acknowledged that Jerusalem as the capital of Israel as Israel would like it. Whether you like Saturn died in what do you think that's the right move for not much there is any right move. Again this is the same thing we do always in politics which for further CNN's of the world the right movies to do nothing just there's no change. Don't change anything. Effort just keep it as it is. I don't think that's true I don't think that's what they're all they've never get into the world are trying to say I think people who don't believe this move should happen and I happen to be one of those people. I don't think that the reasoning behind this is because you don't think anything should change I think this is an instigation. Of problems in a part of the world that are all ready. Well there's already problems. There are so many problems so now why would we add to those problems. And we know this is gonna that's what's gonna happen. Why would we add to them right now what what what will change our relationship with the Israelis what will change. Because we moved our embassy to. Jerusalem and said that's capitol we know that's the capital that's where the Israelis to their business what is going to change except. To cause issues there that we don't need and the people of the Middle East don't meet. Well I don't know because one argument has always been that you know. And you'll hear this forever now as you cannot have a lasting peace we dismal. What's my count him. What would aren't lasting peace now and you're never gonna get a lasting peace so what is going to be accomplished by doing it except to just instigate well if one or a problem one argument the the most simplistic argument could be. Since we're not gonna have a lasting peace let's at least side with our friends. In our friends say the Jerusalem as their capital and why are we why are we not doing that's how long does this go on like it. Are at some point you become Belfast. And your your that NORTHERN IRELAND where we're just gonna do this forever and nothing's ever gonna change and we're just gonna offered. For decades and decades and decades it's gonna stay this way all in the interest of quarter unquote keeping the peace when there is no priest. Well my argument to that what you just said was. If you are our friends and you are. But they let us for twenty years they've listened to UN said OK okay we'll play nice and do this but this is where we're OK I don't love. Just tell you this will see our friends feel about this in about two and a half or three months. Or you know or or maybe even as is soon is due later this evening. With all hell breaks loose in Israel because we're agreeing on problems for our friends or why would Israel want. Because Israel Bertrand take a stand but when they split all this stuff starts. This is going to be horrible. For the people who are living in Israel. That's my second. Argument on it and I don't I look I don't know what the right answers but in as we're discussing this. Another argument is that it's some point you've got to break this down before you build up again that region. I don't know why LA. Don't really think you're gonna happen like it is forever okay. But I don't think that's fine that can be your answer just keep it's bad it but he can I don't want big Libya hackable you're good go that route. This ruled. What do we do this does it could be one of two things one is it could make it worse and could make it permanently worse or it could make it worse but ultimately make it better. I have no idea and no one knows that the consequences of these things are every accident in all the they don't now. I think we'll see the consequences very quickly and I don't think it's gonna be something that our friends in Israel are gonna be too pleased about. I really don't I I have heard the end of it and made your callers have been do you know why. What it would is what is the Palestinian claim on East Jerusalem. Well the issue is Dick Dick and it is there there there is a Mecca there that is their third. Most. Religion they consider their third most religious site. It out on the globe. Of course you know Jews consider Israel to be the single most religious site. Both of them want to claim it as their their neck if you will. And at this point obviously this is the capital. Of Israel because this is where the Jewish government this is where the Israeli government is run. But for us to start acknowledging it in causing. You can. You causing this kind of uproar when we all know where we stay and in this. It is anyway we know who our friends there so to just put a rubber stamp on this now. And cause this kind of problem right now. I just can't see what is the benefit. Yet the benefited should just cause uproar for the sake of up war. The Israelis know where their friends are. I don't understand it and then. At some point any land dispute it does have to be settled right. No not necessarily because this has been goal ought to still be going to swamps cut down all over that fence or that wall you want this is here or didn't wanna you wanna still be fine man. But this is been going on first centuries not eat while I'm. Responses World War II this has been dot net fight there in the Middle East has been going for some reason we as Americans both being. There were gonna go there and settle this this is never going to settle. We as a parent I have to stop being so I don't arrogant on. That flight things do certain things. Disputes to get settled I have to mccoys do break bread now. They didn't for a hundred years but they do now what is it ten meet at a religious differences are never going to settle the Catholic Protestant one did except in NORTHERN IRELAND for some reason but it. Again things do change over time. I don't know that this is gonna see that change are going to none of us knows what they're out committees as we all think it means bombs rain down all over the world maybe. Don't I know they are two that's what I think and I think this is going to be a huge problem is there anything to the concern that the people that work at the American arms here in more danger in Jerusalem and it would be told you what the president condom use a need you to work in the embassy who would you feel better or worse knowing that it was in Jerusalem right now I think I would obviously be like. I just have a new baby so I'm sorry men stay back right but I so of course it's right for me that's more dangerous to anyone that had a problem within Gaza should be against the system. I don't know that their equivalent I could. What I'm trying to figure out is why I keep wanting what is it that some that what is it that. You what does it say you think is going to be accomplished by this how do you think this begins. The one bush guy down the road to peace and just settlement there. One Y Mets this is what plays in the trump thing right which is it. One argument I have with trump is that trump is a lip service guy who talks a good game but just doesn't really care that much. This is one issue for some reason I don't know if it's his son in law or what is but for some reason he does care about it and then we'll ask him to do the thing that we rip them. When he does it the other way he's actually. For once keeping a campaign promise. Unlike the other guys before who just do the lip service and we're saying that I but actually in this one we do just one lips surface it's a weird thing. I think that cannot only think drugs doing it because. He wants to be the guy that shows you hey he has the balls to do it which is no motivation for doing so now it's not it's nice out I think he's doing as well sorts of issues here right. And that's part of why I think he's doing as well and I think that the repercussions of that I just you know. How hate. I don't need him to be dished chest in such a way. You know that's that's fine worry about this tax bill bit. And more than half of the country doesn't like worry about that what affects me. Don't don't put it you know you can do both but probably get one problem is he does want to apparently he doesn't wanna solve this. And for you'll use say this is not solving it this is making it worse. He'd eat it's not getting solved by just waiting and waiting and waiting we've done that for however how many decades now and so what he's saying is look. Why does he wanna solve it he told are still owe everybody Erdogan that he everybody does. He has told us over and over again that what we need to worry about is what's going on here now he's always said this. This one he is counsel. So it because everybody at every American and they all wanna beat their chest mother Alison Owen peace prize and when you know you get it is doing that and I wore beard thing is that somehow trump did get some more workable peace Hollywood get around nine giving a dorm. Don't matter he's not gonna solvent I tend to agree review I don't think this is solvable. I'm also curious. But to see what what happens if this does happen it's like trump we know that this guy is going to fall at trump is president pulled out trust president. And we'll see if Skype calls this is similar if he does do this and by the way just because he says he's doing this doesn't mean it's gonna happen at best this is gonna happen three years from now. Browsers yeah. I just I just very very concerned about being knowledge networking knowledge of it happens. It all but Rafa doesn't matter whether it's been moved here not. 617266686868680. Is attacks Clyde. See you guys are lining up you wanna get in on this conversation we're gonna get in just a moment too quick things wrote. It's also not. Thing to talk about how Muslims are gonna rule in the world and to do an anti Muslim street. That's first of all second ball. Just for what it's worth because this is part of the discussion but the Washington freebie Kim yes. Has the official quotes the the last four Democratic Party platforms yes. All say that you know we support the fact that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel. Right so they don't save we need to move around to see there as well but that's what you would normally do and so in night. What's weird about this is that there are people on record Obama Clinton bush and they've all said at some point we need to get this done. You are on record with that in yet you also going to rip trump. But. It's a weird. Does and I. I think you're right. Well the whole thing is very strange anyway because the fact of the matter is the United States in our presidents have through the years recognize that the government is Ron. Out of Jerusalem thirsty and honey. It's an it is one of the few countries where our embassy is not located in the capital of the country there's. But again they're good they're not 86. There in Tel Aviv for the exact same reason we are currently bear which is an effort to try to keep this part of the world. As calm as possible woody is never call. But it's a weird thing that and in mass where were all saying. We're fine with people saying making these big pronouncement that we know full well they're never gonna act on the move. And that's kind of how we want like he's saying no luck before gonna say it we got meaner now again not irony. But what ever. In this particular case but I'm mark I just say it I'm gonna say it and we're gonna do it and the people that have also been saying it go hey you Schmidt and I don't know. Got my. Might think about it is just that I I just hope and pray. That. We need makes this declaration. Later today that our friends in Israel understand. And I know they do. The repercussions of what may be coming as a result of and to meet that's the harsh part that's what's so hard pretty effective they're pretty all on board of course I know. The letters Saturday's game here they are working outwards and I don't say it until that bombed you know goes off those bombs start going off not eight you know in Jerusalem. In Tel Aviv those suicide bombers start walking in at an all those innocent kids who stand on the street corner. Her research feel differently about that. Let me go to David David's in New Hampshire good morning. Yes good morning. Our I have been out of the box solution and think duet a couple of critical problem they want. And I'm glad we we we did Jerusalem popular and well. Nobody else in the country it would property and then spectator we moved the united. Red headed to Jerusalem. Many here and I'm. Personal. You're leading advocate peace city area. That's why I'm the box solution. That's that's like. Another world solution because one reason you would have the UN you did you would have made. England Australia United States Canada body but I don't have many of the Middle East countries would not be participating there my guess is Saudi Arabia wouldn't all right and so on and I guess in a way forward because I don't really loved the UN and so it would obviously UN went away but. I just. In some sort of theoretical that that might be cute thing to consider but that's never gonna happen obviously a bigger Magellan Boston good boring joke. Hey good morning you got to give me some room here because that's the take got off to get back I don't think you heard you have this thing. OK now let's bring I die already right up front that I don't RR. The I think this is a very Smart leadership move I think it could be a pivot point in day in the Middle East because. What it is saying is. You have a right to address who is going to bomb. It got to the bombers will be those who say you have no right to access Israel. The bombers are going to be those who say we won't use violence and terrorism. To block any thing that makes Israel a legitimate state. And that is what we exactly the whole world needs to oppose that. And if ever there's going to be any acknowledgment that this inmate in a world wide way you get a peek at the US said the first. This is a leadership move if they don't like it like to hear your argument that it's gonna Serb violence. I want to put things back to you know Martin Luther King in the sixties being told by people who supported the civil rights movement do not march you'll verify. You have to you have to say the violence is the problem. And. But again I also want to issue on that oh yeah I agree. They did that's why it mentioned the 86 that CNN keeps talking about these times use of air watch so we have to be there because nobody yells of their that's nonsense on the other hand. So is Don junior gonna be the ambassador to or is Jared Kushner. Is he got to be spent a lot of time in this I'm. You know because I've here tell you right now presidents never gonna since his daughter his son in law and his grand kids to sit in that embassy in Jerusalem. Because that embassy is going to be under siege. Listen I understand this concept of leadership. I really do but but what I don't understand is. What what is going to change. Except to violence. Because I launch we're prepared. To go in there and obliterate a whole lot of countries and to begin what is going to change. Israel is it is a state and most of the world acknowledges it as such what is going to change. Well they. And I'm happy as I know I'm just trying to figure out it may move the ball forward it may move while Paula but but but let me ask you what ball what is gonna change. As of now. Palestinians live in what they call a Palestinian state and the Israelis live in what they call Israel. One way we'll really miss another day Israel there is an a Palestinian state or not Israel so what what is going to change. The real. One of the major sticking points in peace negotiations is Jerusalem while it fits saddled. We're past that in theory in five years ten years whenever I don't know but. We can't keep going over this. We're recognizing it now so that's a non starter for us that would be one thing that would change. If we're there than I we we can't enjoy in this I think fit most of the world recognizes. OK let Jerusalem. Is the capital of Israel. Why don't put an embassy there. Because sometimes you just don't do things to cause people harm. Sometimes don't listen the bullies that are pushing you around them. What happens in Boston. Should we put something on nest I was in Vegas our work. Stays in Bostick can indeed be weekday mornings 62 and on the voice of Boston WR KEL. Susan solutions coming up at 930 Susan's gonna join us talk about gift cards you're somebody who gives gift cards. Which isn't cool gifts no question about it around the holiday season. Yeah definitely wanna hear from Susan though because there are some things you need to know all gift cards and are created equal Benito to how we how he's in Brookline good morning. Hey good morning commend you agree. Our lesson if you know quickness Korea but Israel it's not just. Or political or written religious salt salt the real politic your probably all where. Here's when here's rarely go through it trample on the temple mount now that these couple institute is doing that now may be. All of wannabe who are in direct political benefit trump bumblebee and the embassy we're trying to mock cover some or. All this court set a political climate because like I say that it's going to be up all the pocket so. Now on the last ten years. Are an agreement was made and that we are every bit Campbell but Campbell can actually be bill. Alongside the two mosques. App collecting 67 when you're. Away and not Jerusalem was captured. All the religious. People there are believed that virtual mosques sitting on top of the toppled malt we're 12 up would be destroyed. So now the feeling here they can build a scaled down version of I'll let along side. All of the two spots but that is the real politic. But fall may have set the our our political climate or. I'm just speculating everywhere. Guess that's. Just on followed closely enough to know why he's I'm assuming what he's saying is accurate right. I don't know Patrick is gonna regret Patrick here in Nashua good morning. Ordering so I'm just looking at it for more. This what makes sense financially situation barb and Israel are so neck commute from albeit. Suit Jerusalem. And around the state department's website they average about our act. To get from our embassy to the government buildings where they are bastard just work on a daily basis. But obviously back commute back and forth as a dangerous one that require a lot of security they have that there. While also why people don't know that we hate her apartment at the King David Hotel. Can't let up but lavish seven State Department employees and security get at a hotel. In Jerusalem so my argument is that currently it let's say for our ambassador in Jerusalem to respect the hotel. But that is the getting the embassy where all our investors stay all over the world. In protecting our right he's sitting there and you know I forgot how much and all in Jerusalem. Text or pointed out to its that's a good point in Africa texture pointed out like where is the embassy in Iraq added obviously it's in Baghdad. Few would argue that that that can be none safer but they we do okay there like you we've protected it. When and why is it in Baghdad they're clearly other places in Iraq that would be safer. And would be better protected dinner more strongholds and whatever but. Once in Baghdad for a reason it's the capital. So well yes I understand that I I to me this is not a financial issue because we spend money in alike crazier ways. And this is not the is not a convenience issue I don't think it's either when it comes to the president Geithner. I don't think that he's doing this for convenience for the ambassador and I don't think he's concerned about security. I think he knows that our best there is going to be protected and the staff as best as possible regardless of where they might be. He doesn't care what the dollars are gonna be there. I think what he's hoping for is some kind of resolution as to. Big Al ally in a book because ongoing battle over the delay in Beirut who belongs to an end to end the state. Of Israel and I think that's what he is trying he is trying to be the ambassador. Who finally brings about peace. I just think that it is gonna bring about a lot of problems. First. If ever it brings peace it just may be an investigator. I love these says it is six cities x.s attacks on 97 and you guys and our response to that guy that at a very articulate calls society in history and knowledge of the topic you guys are way out here lead. Bill okay and have them by I don't know what that does for you would. The way the show works is not a lecture it's a discussion and so your response to him was that's actually good point wasn't it handed out of my pay grade I don't following that course. That I one of the reasons why you discuss. Topics rather than lecture text there. Is that you're trying to learn and we like to learn just like you like to learn so when we have the goods we'll bring them. When you have the goods that's why we get about the phone number will tell us where we're wrong what went hunting and I believe the way we set up the topic was. Tell us what's going on here how do you see this one here's how we Zia but we don't have a master. Master's degree in Israel Palestine negotiation. And I think you have to edit the yet keep in mind. Ever there's a lot of people with a lot of knowledge about Israel about how we'll start the Palestinians and about the relationship there. And I'm greatly appreciative of you bringing that to the table but I think this is about so many things which is why if this was as simple. As let's acknowledge. Jerusalem as the capital and move our embassy there. And we will move toward peace you think this would have been done for ever ago. I mean and we just stated how many presidents have wanted. To be that guy. Mean Bill Clinton stood there thinking he was that guy. I mean how many have wanted to think that the guy who brought peace it's just not that simple so yes the issues of their. Of the mountain it and these are all they all play in two what is the problem here but it goes so deep there are so many things. Johnson Gloucester John good morning. Eric and Morgan's quickly look during a novice these sorts of issues. Bring back to OK are we got a problem with some smoke a certain religion. And the anger that comes so quickly through let's say that that Carole Malone yeah. Vacuum that Pakistan or Afghanistan Chia. The school girl the teacher she would rather go to school bus so terrible food water and what do brave that the story really. Gave me hope actually. And reminded me of that town. You know half of that population. Is when Larry and it's never been given any Gingrich Florence and and so when you say. There's no hope that it matters. You know what life changing saying it'll never be fixed or you know why and what are talking about splitting the atom. Just don't believe the woman over there and then there I believe are getting more educated and they're more access the Internet stuck. So it will be a de icing going on in page. Are able to. Changed my hope and around. And if that's the right thing to go to Israel. I think they should do it could be history. Because that's what she was diplomats will bush is doing the right thank them about science say. Don't know what and so a couple of things one of those interesting things on it is that everybody's on lip service now trumps quote unquote doing it. And the argument against him is that the ball nobody else has done that's all that's the argument against it sometimes you do the right thing regardless of the wave of water is flowing and you swim upstream and that's fine the second holy. You know what ever used to think of trump. I mean he was calling these guys yesterday and they were going Jesus no don't do this. And he was stuck on the markets on he's telling knees making these calls to leaders that he knows. Don't want him calling the tellem that and he made the calls and said look I. Always see that as a hero. As soon as somebody who really should be listening to what is being sad humor but I mean your your metallic taste in enough trouble I don't always that's not all week all must. Fanning out is giving a big speech at a convention saying they should happen and then not only never doing it but ripping that country. Verve for several years later. And yet still believe they're having policies that are anti that country the U made a big speech about. I understand that the here's my thing I just don't look this person I know you have to move forward sometimes bad. But the pick. They're one of president's that this was it at the top of their agenda and once they got their understood it a little more clearly. They understood why it was not the smartest move. I just. You got a phone yesterday and he talked all these people they totally don't do it and yet he he he today's announcement this is going to be the move. I just hope that doesn't come back to be some things well that we only write anybody governments argue of course but. You never advisors for a reason if you. Osama Missouri are you telling him to do it and again and other people that thought they were. Up to the task at least give the democratic party for the last four platforms has said that Jerusalem as the capital well then why are we not there. Why would we not let's reflect what what is the bar for not having an embassy in the nation's capital. I think they're dead they all glory that some other group whose sole Loudon threatens the ball on you all okay Wilson out of. Group yeah so. If you saw all. Here's what didn't you of them OK so not gonna do whatever they're not 1 o'clock so I guess you shouldn't voter drive van because I don't wanna offend your blonde hair oh my god my. You can't do that we we what women do we want women there to drive it but we're not going in the hearing and in the end and pushing it and look how that worked out Syria. That's pretty well one. Syracuse for that like I gave exactly that it did exactly my point what you look at your rock how is that gone. That's kind of how to well how was at all. So don't try number one number two just slipped keep. Keeping you don't know we'll all ears and you caught me off like I did these are these are kids. This is so this is ever and ever this is gone on I just don't know that we need just. Sometimes you've got to do something different you've got to change it you've gotta mix that up. In order otherwise stick to have the same discussion for the next fifty years way to do this just all your runner and I and we are real and we're just gonna be your final running in that we'll. Others aren't I know specifically the Israelis aren't. Because it's more. And that's our capital that's what they're telling you.