President Trump Update: November 29, 2017

The Truth on Trump
Wednesday, November 29th

Democrats are willing to shut the government down over a short-term spending bill. They want there to be a deal for Dreamers. The GOP says no. 


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The troops on trial. We Jeff could there. We'll their V8 government shot down. The Democrats now bile that I unless trump capitulate. And grants amnesty to all of this so called dreamers. The darker recipients. It's not just 800000. Their parents family members relatives. It's gonna be about 33 and a half million. They say it will shocked the government down. In fact trump was trying to negotiated deal which Schumer and Pelosi. Saying if you want critic you know signed something on backed up. Give me the wall. I ran on the wall I campaigned on the wall it was my seminal campaign promise. Fund the wall. And costs of the rays which will slash legal immigration. And turn our immigration system from one that is based on low skill. Lower educated labor to one that is based on high skilled and I education. Schumer and Pelosi have said no dice. And so now. With and they need to pass a budget by the end of December. We are now hitting crunch time. And Schumer yesterday. Refused to even meet with president trump. Saying we will not fund the government unless trump gives us everything we want. Full amnesty for the dreamers. No wall no raise act roll it Brittany. As I said there's serious issues in front of us we don't have time to waste our games to play. We need to fund the military. We need to protect millions of American pensions. Fund scientific research and student loans. We need to rebuild in Texas Florida Puerto Rico the Virgin Islands in California and we need to protect. The dreamers. If the president reverses course. And decides he wants to be a constructive force. Working with both sides to forge a bipartisan deal were happy to meet with them any time anywhere any place. If they wanna shut it down shouted down loan. My advice to president trump is called Schumer and pull all c.'s bluff. If they want to have a government shut down around christmastime. While we are heading towards a possible military crisis with North Korea. Be my guest. And trump should then seize the opportunity. And then put the do nothing obstructionist congress on trial. Gore the American people and say not only can they not pass anything. Now they are shutting the government down. I won. Where the tax cuts where's the repeal of obamacare. And where is the wall. It will humiliate congress it will humiliate Schumer and Pelosi. And it will show that trump. Is the victim and the Democrats. Are the obstructionists. And furthermore. What does to mean incredible. He's what does the budget have to do with granting amnesty. To the children of illegal immigrants. Our budget is about funding the government. Funding agencies. Funding the military funding the Pentagon. If they wanna have a vote on back out have a vote on backed up opera down. But instead they are trying to use this to blackmail the president to give the Democrats. 3.5. Million cheap votes that's what this is all about. Mr. President hang tough. You stand up to them let them shut down the government that PR debacle will destroy the Democrats. They will be blamed you'll win. They will lose and that's the truth on front.