President Trump Update: November 28, 2017

The Truth on Trump
Tuesday, November 28th

Trump jokes about Elizabeth Warren at Navajo veterans’ event. Warren says the president used a racial slur. Did he?


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The troops on trial. We Jeff could there. Why did any racial. Slur. Listen now to what president trump said at a military ceremony. Honoring the nab all cold talkers who for capturing World War II. With two of them now bolt hole of war veterans standing right beside him. President trump couldn't pass up the opportunity. To pick up a good show why I chief spreading bull. Roll it Brittany. Yeah very very special people. Who you were here long before any of us were here. Although we have a representative in congress who they say it was here a long time ago. That caller poke on this. But you know what. I like you because you are special. And Ed Markey said it was our racial slur. The entire liberal mainstream media called it a racial slur both on Elizabeth Warren. And on native American Indians in general. Are you kidding me. For it to be any kind of a slower. Warren would have to be an actual real native American Cherokee. She is and she's the biggest phony and fraud in the senate she's not just a fake senator she's a fake. Indian. She has no native American ancestry. Zip. Zero. And my friends what does it mean even more disgusting. Is that she actually thinks we're stupid enough. That we still believed the car on the cheap pulled the University of Pennsylvania. And at Harvard University. The only racist here and I'm choosing my words carefully. Each chief spreading bull. Folk on this all time this she fork tongued liar Waugh saw herself. Chief giving wind. She is the one. Who used a minority set aside. That was there for a native American Indian. And stole it and gave it to ourself by lying in fact on the Harvard application. She identified herself as a quote. Person of color are you kidding me. She only she not only lied she took a job that was deliberately set aside. To help real actual native Americans. And use that money to line your pockets getting tenure position and then from that and your position. Become an advisor. And they lawyer a shill. For Goldman Sachs did big banks and the big insurance company she is an absolute disgrace. And why is the mainstream media refusing to give a voice to all of the Cherokee Indians who can't stand her. They are the ones who for five years I've been saying again and again. She is not a native American she never was she never is and she never will be and here is the kicker. After she got tenure at Harvard law the very day that she got ten year. She then shifted on her box. From claiming to be a native American Indian to then checking off Caucasian. When she won the senate race against Scott Brown she could've registered as a native American Indian in the senate and she didn't. Because deep down even she knows. She's an absolute. Fraud. The only mistake trump made is that poke on this is too kind a nickname. The real name for her is either cheap spreading bull. Liar Waugh. Or folk on us. Chief. You did build that PP. And come next year. Trump is now expose you further phony and fraud that you are Jeff deal if you're listening. This is your chance. And now brand her an expose her. For the liar and phony and hypocrite Dutch years. Romp just gave everybody. And did everybody. I huge favor he exposed. That chief. And that's the truth on trump.