Election 2016

Hear Saturday's New Hampshire Republican debate on WRKO

WRKO will be airing Saturday night's Republican debate in Manchester live on AM 680 and WRKO.com! Jeff Kuhner will be hosting a pre-debate show starting at 7 p.m., then the debate starts at 8.

Donald Trump joins Kuhner to discuss his NH push

Check out some photos from the Iowa caucuses here.

Here is a schedule of upcoming presidential debates:

-Thursday, Feb. 4 - Democratic Debate in New Hampshire hosted by MSNBC

-Saturday, Feb. 6 - Republican Debate in New Hampshire hosted by ABC

-Thursday, Feb. 11 - Democratic Debate in Wisconsin hosted by PBS

-Saturday, Feb. 13 - Republican Debate in South Carolina hosted by CBS

-Thursday, Feb. 25 - Republican Debate in Texas hosted by CNN and Telemundo

-Wednesday, March 9 - Democratic Debate in Florida hosted by Washington Post and Univision

-Thursday, March 10 - Republican Debate in Florida hosted by CNN and Washington Times

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