Joe Battenfeld, Jeff Kuhner, Howie Carr and Michael Graham

WRKO would like to thank all of our listeners for packing the WGBH auditorium on Saturday, March 2nd for the first town hall discussion of 2013. Howie Carr, Jeff Kuhner, Michael Graham and Joe Battenfeld hosted a spirited discussion with a few hundred listeners about the key issues facing our country. The Boston Herald's Joe Battenfeld, the event's moderator, would stir debate and take questions from the town hall on these topics: Sequestration, Gun Control, the special Senate election and Immigration.

Check out video, audio and photos from the town hall below!

WRKO would finally like to thank our sponsors for their support: Mass Firearms School, Perfect Smiles and Victor & Associates, Attorneys.

Click on any of the audio icons or descriptions below to hear a segment of the town hall. To listen to the town hall in its entirety, CLICK HERE. More videos from the event will be posted soon!

WRKO - Town Hall event, March 2, 2013

The WRKO Town Hall begins on the topic of sequestration. Jeff Kuhner explains why he wants Republicans to stand up and challenge the Obama administration on making budget cuts. Michael Graham jumps in to jokingly blame sequestration on George W. Bush. Howie Carr wants to know who is going to report on the $4/gallon gas prices and has a concern in general about problems that are not being addressed by the Obama administration.


Howie believes that the NRA is right to draw a line in the sand. Meanwhile, Jeff thinks the media and some control advocates jumped on the Newtown, CT tragedy without all the facts. Michael says that if you put a gun ban in place you will have a lower gun death rate, but the crime rate would be higher. The panel thinks that no new gun control legislation will pass. Michael Graham adds that he wants to deal with the glaring stuff such as the mental health check.


With the Senate special election coming up in MA, the panel discusses if there is any Republican who stands a chance. Kuhner brings up Mike Sullivan, who he believes is strong on the issues but he has a charisma problem. Graham says there is no Republican Party in Massachusetts and that you need to get someone who is socially moderate for a chance to win, like Scott Brown in 2010. Howie adds that in a way the 2010 Scott Brown victory was bad for Republicans because it woke up the machine.


The panel talks about what will solve the illegal immigration problem. Howie thinks we need new leadership in Washington to get anything done. Kuhner wants a wall to be built on the southern border. Michael suggests putting the Democrats on the defense by showing legal immigrants and how they have struggled through legal process and then beat out by illegal immigrants on jobs.


Carr, Kuhner, and Graham field questions from the audience. Some of the topics that come up involve the possibility of a third party being the answer and what exactly the Republicans need to do moving forward.

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