Howie Carr Show

Displays the poll on the Howie Carr Show page.
Did the FBI know where Whitey was before the Catherine Grieg commercial?
Do you agree with Mayor Menino that the Nike Ads showcasing drugs and their slogan Just Do It is tasteless?
Will the FBI commercial turn up Whitey's moll Catherine Grieg?
Do you believe that the omission of under God by NBC in the pledge of allegiance this weekend was inadvertent?
Will Anthony Weiner Ever Run for Anything Again?
Who should have resigned first: Anthony Weiner or Barney Frank
Should Weiner be paid while on his leave of absence/treatment?
President Obama says one term is enough for him. Do you think he means it?
What will you be watching on TV tonight?
Have you seen the x rated photo of Anthony Weiner on the internet?
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