Howie Carr Show

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Did Harry Truman make the right decision to drop the A-Bomb on Hiroshima?
Do you think the outrage at the town halls across the country on healthcare is a put-up job by the insurance companies?
If you were in the Senate, would you vote to spend another $2 billion on Cash for Clunkers?
Did you load up before the new sales tax increase?
Does the Cash for Clunkers program give you more or less confidence in the government's proposed takeover of healthcare?
Boston Officer Justin Barrett says the term “banana-eating jungle monkey" is not a racial slur. Do you think it is?
Should Sgt Crowley go to the White House for a beer with Obama and Prof. Gates?
Are President Obama and Professor Gates snobs?
Are President Obama and Skip Gates two snobs?
Is Professor Gates a snob?
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