Howie Carr Show

Displays the poll on the Howie Carr Show page.
The White House says the President did not watch last night's election results. Do you believe them?
Do you believe in ghosts?
The Canadians want to pass a law that makes drivers put their cell phones in the trunks of their cars. Is this a good idea?
What do you think Howie is most looking forward to in Italy:
The GDP went up in the third quarter - Are you hopeful that the Economy is finally turning around?
Halloween: Thumbs up or thumbs down?
What would you give up to combat Global Climate Change:
What caused the accident that left a five foot pile of meat on the Turnpike this morning?
Why do you think the pilots overshot the airport by 150 miles:
Should the Payczar have the power to cut salaries in companies that received bailout money from the government?
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