Howie Carr Show

Displays the poll on the Howie Carr Show page.
Would you page through Hillary Clinton's book at the bookstore?
Should Mitt Romney run for President again?
John McCain asked President Obama to tell the Illegals that they are not Dreamers, will he?
Gov. Rick Perry says homosexuality is a gene like alcoholism and you can choose to overcome it. Do you agree?
Does Eric Cantor's primary loss mean an end to illegal alien amnesty for this year?
The Pope says couples need to have children not pets. Do you agree?
The NY Times calls Bowe Bergdahl a free spirited young man. Do you agree?
Will you watch the triple crown race Saturday evening?
Do you think Gitmo detainees have better health care than American vets?
Do you think the White House not informing Congress about the Gitmo releases was an oversight or deliberate?
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