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Pentagon to Push Congress on F-35 Fighter Contract

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The Pentagon said Friday that it plans to push Congress to approve a deal for more than 400 F-35 fighter jets worth as much as $34 billion in what would be the largest-ever weapons’ contract.

New Software Helps Local Delivery Firms With Same-Day Service

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Grand Junction aims to link retailers to mom-and-pops and assist with package-tracking.

Class of 2015 Is Summa Cum Lucky in the Job Market

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These college grads are blessed with a jobless rate below the average of the past 40 years, foretelling higher wages in the years ahead.

Survey: U.S. Consumers Wary of Economy

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Consumers remain cautious about the current economy this month, according to new report on consumer sentiment. The report raises worries about consumer spending in the second quarter following weak demand in the first quarter.

In a Slow Economy, Negative Quarters Shouldn't Surprise

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Data this week could show the U.S. economy shrank earlier this year, but that doesn’t necessarily indicate a recession, writes Greg Ip.

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