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Message Purportedly From Hackers Calls Sony Film Cancellation 'Wise'

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Sony Pictures executives received an email apparently from the same people who hacked the studio’s computers recently, praising its decision not to release the movie “The Interview.”

Toledo Rallies to Remain Jeep's Home

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Without being asked, Toledo, Ohio, is putting together incentives to help it remain the home of the Jeep Wrangler, a vehicle with deep economic and emotional ties to the area, in a sign of how cities aggressively offer aid to corporations.

U.S. Struggles for Response to Sony Cyberattack

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The White House is walking a fine line in its search for a response to North Korea’s apparent hack of Sony Pictures, a breach that doesn’t align with the scenarios laid out in the government’s contingency plans for cyberattacks.

Forget the Mall: Buy Direct From China

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The Game: Amazon and Wal-Mart have long been America’s main conduits for cheap, mass-produced goods from China’s factory floors. But who needs stores anymore? You can buy direct, writes Dennis Berman.

Can Wal-Mart Clerks Ship as Fast as Amazon Robots?

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Retailers’ answer to the threat of is something called ‘omnichannel’—an attempt to use one set of inventory and assets to fill all orders. Wal-Mart, Macy’s and Target are relying on the approach more heavily than ever this holiday season.

Cuba-U.S. Thaw Could Heat Up Cigar, Rum Sales Fights

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If the Obama administration’s move to normalize ties with Cuba does lead to an end to the U.S. embargo, it could reignite battles over the U.S. rights to sell two of the island’s most prized exports: cigars and rum.

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