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The City of Angel Investors

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From a dental-product subscription service to a company offering handwriting software, Anne Kadet looks at a few of the companies finding funding in New York.

A Summer Reading List for Geeks

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Reviews of three tech-oriented books: “You’re Never Weird on the Internet (Almost),” by Felicia Day; “SuperBetter,” by Jane McGonigal; and “ZerOes,” by Chuck Wendig.

IRA Advisers Face Tougher Standards on Rollovers

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This week, consumer advocates, academics and financial services-industry executives debated proposed regulations that would toughen oversight of professionals who offer advice on IRA rollovers.

Gasoline Surges Amid Supply Disruptions

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Gasoline prices surged this week as a series of refinery shutdowns forced drivers to pay more—even as the supply-line disruptions pushed oil prices further down.

Advisers Stick by Commodity ETFs

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Financial advisers say a small allocation to commodity exchange-traded products remains important for a long-term portfolio despite recent dramatic declines.

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