Personal Finance

Have the Right Tools for Retirement

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Five steps you should take before retiring to make post-employment easier. Among them, make a realistic and efficient plan for withdrawing money from savings and a nonfinancial plan for staying engaged during retirement.

States That Tax Social Security Benefits

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Minnesota is among 13 states that slap some kind of tax on Social Security income. Some of those states, among them Connecticut and Montana, have separate calculations and/or income limits to determine taxable benefits.

The Financial Problems in Your Head

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Psychology can explain why many people mismanage money, writes Veronica Dagher.

Is It Time to Invest in Energy Stocks?

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Weekend Investor: With oil prices at a six-year low, here are the options for investors—and the risks.

Trusts That Can Trim State Income Tax

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Weekend Investor: So-called incomplete nongrantor trusts are attracting some investors in high-tax states. One such state has already cracked down on their use.

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