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Snapchat Fetches $10 Billion Valuation

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Kleiner Perkins agreed to invest in Snapchat at a valuation of close to $10 billion, making it one of the world's most valuable private tech start-ups.

Europe's Banks Boost Lending in Asia

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European banks are lending in Asia at the fastest pace since 2008, attracted by the region's relatively strong economic growth and expanding list of large companies.

Germany's Expensive Gamble on Renewable Energy

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Many companies worry the cost of Germany's mammoth, trillion-euro plan to wean the country off nuclear and fossil fuels by midcentury will undermine the country's competitiveness.

Limits Are Urged for Some REITs

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State securities regulators are pushing for restrictions on nontraded real-estate investment trusts, saying added protections are needed for small investors who may not fully understand the risks.

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