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SEC Is Steering More Trials to Judges It Appoints

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The Securities and Exchange Commission is increasingly steering cases to hearings in front of the agency’s appointed administrative judges, who found in its favor in every verdict for the 12 months through September, rather than taking them to federal court.

Misery Widespread at Hedge Funds

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This month’s turmoil in financial markets has been a “bloodbath” for hedge funds, inflicting large losses at an array of multibillion-dollar firms in the industry’s worst stretch since late 2011.

Bargains Are Found in Russian Markets

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Investors are hunting for bargains in Russia’s battered financial markets, in a bet the country can ride out the pain of Western sanctions and plunging oil prices.

For Peer Lending, a Change in Financing

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Veteran bankers are expected to announce Tuesday an investment in startup Orchard Platform, as peer-to-peer lending becomes dominated by institutions.

Fed to Banks: Shape Up or Risk Breakup

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Federal Reserve officials told bank executives they must do more to curb excessive risk-taking and improve behavior at their firms or face stiff repercussions, including being broken into smaller pieces.

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