WATCH: Rep. Joe Kennedy says his intern's life was saved by Obamacare

The Kuhner Report
March 14, 2017 - 12:27 pm

After the CBO came out with its report that 14 million people will lose their healthcare by 2018. Today on MSNBC Massachusetts Representative Joe Kennedy was on discussing the CBO’s claims. Kennedy said how important healthcare is. He said the Affordable Healthcare Act saved his intern’s life. Kennedy said, “In that hearing for 28 hours that I was in last week, while you heard story after story from my Republican colleagues saying how disastrous this was, there was also an intern in there for a lot of it from my office whose life was saved twice by the Affordable Care Act, she’s 25 year’s old and had cancer now twice, and because of the Affordable Care Act, not only did she get access to the treatment that she needed, but her family could afford it, she could get insurance and she’s covered now going forward.”


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