WATCH: Did a New York Times Columnist just say Russian Hacking was a "9/11 scale event?"

The Kuhner Report
February 15, 2017 - 16:02 pm

Another day, another Liberal desecrates 9/11.  Thomas Friedman, Columnist for the New York Times (You know, one of the Cities where 9/11 actually happened - but let that go) calls the Russian hacking a "9/11 scale event."  Can we PLEASE stop saying everything involving President Trump is "The New 9/11?"  There will never be "Another 9/11."  Some emails were released (Not even by the Russians - but let that go); 3000 people weren't murdered.  Memo to Thomas Friedman and the rest of the Libs:  If you can't have perspective, at least have some respect.  Watch it HERE


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