Trump Loses to "Trump Effect"

Roy Moore - and Populism - Wins in Alabama

The Kuhner Report
September 27, 2017 - 12:04 pm

In a stunning result, Populist Candidate Judge Roy Moore defeated Luther Strange (Unrelated, how great a name is "Luther Strange?" Seriously, it could only be better if his name was "Rock Awesome," - but let that go...) to take the Senate seat formerly occupied by Attorney General Jeff Sessions.  This is critical because the GOP/RINO/Swamp poured over $30 million dollars into "Big" Luther, and he lost; he even had the President and Vice President rally for him, and he lost.  It's not just a shot across the bow of Establishment Republicans, but the political class as a whole.  Trump was a "Populist," candidate (Before the Left changed that to "Nativist," and ultimately "White Supremacist"), and his momentum carries on, even when he himself is on the opposing side.  That's potentially bad news for RINOS who don't want to face a primary.  The message is clear:  Americans want change, and perhaps the "Trump base" isn't about Trump after all.

Breitbart's John Nolte hits on that point HERE.    



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