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The Last Crusade?

Holy Cross debates name change

The Kuhner Report
November 28, 2017 - 1:19 pm

"Offensive" Team and Mascot name change debate #2081 or something like that is underway; this time at The College of the Holy Cross.  The Worcester school is examining whether or not to abandon the "Crusader" nickname because it might evoke feelings about The Crusades, where the Christians battled the Muslims. 

According to the College’s official release, "The Crusader name is an undeniable part of Holy Cross’ history. It has been in use since 1920, when the College first used it in reference to the athletic teams. Since then, students have adopted the name for their own clubs and organizations, even in representing our community as ‘Sader Nation. And, unlike many mascots, the Crusader has a direct link to our religious identity.  At the same time, we acknowledge our responsibility to thoughtfully examine the sensitivities and implications this name may bear in light of the Crusades."

There is a serious debate going on as to whether or not it's necessary to change a team name because it might be offensive to someone.  One of Holy Cross' most famous Alumni, Celtics Legend Tommy Heinsohn weighed in, saying this to the Herald:  "It’s political correctness run amok [...] There’ll be a hue and cry if they go through with this.  The necessity of this thing is beyond the pale. Get a life.”

The Boston Herald has the story HERE.

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