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The Harvey Weinstein Story NBC Squashed

Ronan Farrow's full piece from "The New Yorker"

The Kuhner Report
October 17, 2017 - 2:00 pm

NBC News turned down a story from Ronan Farrow, which detailed the sexual misconduct of Hollywood Movie Mogul Harvey Weinstein.  The piece had audio of an assault, credible witness accounts, and credible accuser accounts.  NBC has editorial control of their properties, and if they decide to publish or cover news stories according to their political leanings, that is their prerogative.  However, how can you turn down a buttoned up story that could take down one of the most powerful and connected people in the world?  That's the dream of a news organization.  There's a reason why everybody knows Woodward and Bernstein, but not a gutless NBC News hack who squashed a story.  President Trump said that NBC should lose its broadcast license, and decisions like this make it hard to argue against him.  

You can read Ronan Farrow's riveting full piece about Weinstein's Accusers HERE.

Something else to look for, there are reports that an as-yet-unnamed-A-List Hollywood star is now caught in the scandal.  

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