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Sen. Karen Spilka pushes for Gender neutral license option

The Kuhner Report
October 30, 2017 - 2:30 pm

Senator Karen Spilka is making a push for Massachusetts to become the first state in the Union to have the third gender option on the license of "X."  The catalyst for this was a letter written by a 16 year old, which prompted Spilka:  "When you think about it, why should somebody, anybody, have to identify male or female if they don't identify specifically with one or the other?" 

President of the Massachusetts Family Institute, Andrew Beckwith, feels differently:  "Driver's license is intended to be a legal document identifying people by the use of objective facts, like height, age, current address, they are not intended to fill someone's desire for sexual expression."  

Which side do you fall on?

You can read more from NECN, HERE.


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