Garret Kirkland, speaker at Boston rally, on The Kuhner Report: 'Won't be Charlottesville'

"Not the same people, not the same situation"

The Kuhner Report
August 17, 2017 - 1:55 pm

Garrett Kirkland, one of the Speakers at the Free Speech Rally Saturday in Boston, joined Jeff.  He talked about how this Rally won't be Charlottesville, and he feels that they're "Being set-up" by the State, and that Marty Walsh helped "Ratchet up tension."  He feels that the speakers will be surrounded by a "Sea of hostile people," and he's "Weary of what might happen, but not afraid."  

Garret Kirkland says Mayor Marty Walsh “ratchet up tensions” at the Freeh Speech Rally

Hear the full interview below.

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