Fraud on Beacon Hill

Travel per diem abuse

The Kuhner Report
November 02, 2017 - 2:21 pm

Give us your shocked face...  Boston 25's Eric Rasmussen and Erin Smith did a marvelous job uncovering that State Lawmakers have been bilking Mass residents out of money by false travel expense claims.  In one instance, a Rep claimed five days of travel expenses in his log, without ever reporting to Beacon Hill.  This fraud skimming has totaled over One Million Dollars out of our pockets.  

Although, the real superstar in all this is State Rep. Paul McMurtry, who when confronted by Rasmussen, literally runs out the back door and hops into a getaway car to avoid the question.  

You can read the details at Boston25, and see the video HERE.

The Kuhnerman goes after the Hack-a-rama below:


Kuhner - Boston 25 Exposes Travel Fraud by State Reps

State Rep. Paul McMurtry is egregious in his abuse, but Boston 25 exposes even more fraud

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