Boston Herald Cannibalizes Holly Robichaud

Robichaud on The Kuhner Report: "Felt I deserved better"

The Kuhner Report
September 14, 2017 - 2:16 pm

Holly Robichaud was a freelance Columnist for the Boston Herald, but she is on leave while she works on the "Diehl for Senate" campaign.  Today, Jack Encarnacao wrote a piece about how Robichaud "Worked for Saudi Arabia in its lobbying effort to kill a law allowing the families of terrorism victims to sue foreign governments it held responsible for the attacks in American courts."  The Kuhner Man thinks that the RINO's must be getting desperate to defeat Diehl, to go after his campaign like this.   Holly joined The Kuhner Report to talk about it:

Holly Robichaud on Herald hit piece

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