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Amb. Bolton on Kuhner Report: Trump was "Given deceptive advice" on de-certification of Iran Nuclear Deal

Thinks "We're a long way away from the Military Option" in North Korea

The Kuhner Report
October 12, 2017 - 1:42 pm

Former UN Ambassador, and Informal Adviser to President Trump, John Bolton, joined The Kuhner Report; and he and Jeff discussed the increasing likelihood of War with North Korea.  The Ambassador thinks the President's decisions have been deliberate, and even though nobody wants to see conflict, the US cannot leave North Korea in possession of nuclear weapons.  He also fears that North Korea, a desperately poor country, would be willing to sell nuclear weapons to "Anyone with hard currency."  He said this makes North Korea a "Threat beyond northeast Asia."  He also touched on North Korea hacking US war plans, and doesn't think that much can be gained because any war will be "Limited by the geographic terrain" for both sides.  The Ambassador thinks that the President has been given "Deceptive advice by those around him," naming H.R. McMaster, on Iran Nuclear Deal.  Hear the full interview below:

Kuhner - Ambassador Bolton says that President Trump is getting deceptive advice on Iran Nuclear deal

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