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AG Sessions says Rosenstein Can Investigate Himself

Wait, what?

The Kuhner Report
October 19, 2017 - 1:13 pm

Allow myself to investigate... myself... The Uranium One sale to the Russians story is going so deep on so many levels, but this twist might be the strangest.  In front of a Senate Committee, Sen. Chuck Grassley posed a very important question to Attorney General Jeff Sessions, related to the new information about the Clinton-Obama-Russia-Uranium scandal/treason:

So, wait... you can investigate myself for crimes and cover-ups?  Do criminals know about this?  Seriously, if ever it seemed there was someone who needed to recuse themselves from the Russia Investigation, it would be the guys involved with one, who covered up a real Russian scandal?  What is happening?  Should Jeff Sessions lose his job because he won't force Rosenstein out?

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