Wall Street Journal Positions Boston As Top Choice For Amazon HQ2

East Boston plan has everything Amazon needs, but one city may still have us beat.

The Howie Carr Show
November 14, 2017 - 6:02 pm

     The competition online retail company Amazon has concocted basically turned into an auction that motivated every city you could imagine to participate. The company received 238 proposals for their second headquarters, each and every one acting as a selling pitch to prove to the retail giant that "we have everything you need." Amazon required a building site, a plan for the intricate nerve center, incentives, and a legitimate labor force. Now the Wall Street Journal has released their ranking as to who has a legitimate shot at landing the opportunity, and Boston is right at the top of the list. 

     There are plenty of reasons why Amazon should be drooling at the prospect of moving to the bay state. A big reason has to be the number of respected institutions of education. The population of college students in and around Boston is second to none. This would provide the company with an extensive minor league system to draft a large youthful body of employees (excuse the baseball lingo). Our city also boasts a strong string of tech talent already. You also can't look past the fact that the Suffolk Downs site would basically act as a blank canvas for Amazon to construct whatever it sees fit. Accessibility is another plus, with public transit (although questionable according to those already here) conveniently connecting you to every corner of the city, and Logan Airport being a stones throw from the site. 

     The initial building plans for the site would be expected to be erected by 2019 and cover around 500,000 square feet. The finished product (Amazon desires 8 million square feet of land) would be coming in sometime around 2027. The WSJ still puts their stamp on Dallas, Texas as the number one choice ahead of East Boston. We can most likely point to no state income tax for that. Don't hold your breathe, I'm sure this contest is far from over.


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