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Unemployed Colin Kaepernick is Sports Illustrated's Muhammad Ali Legacy Award Recipient

Another award for Kaepernick's mantel

The Howie Carr Show
November 30, 2017 - 6:08 pm

     The quarterback that popularized the national anthem protest against police brutality is getting awards thrown to him from all over the field. Colin Kaepernick remains out-of-work at the moment, but that hasn't stopped him from creeping back into the spotlight. It started with the naming of GQ's "Citizen of the Year", which went to the former 49er's passer. Now Sports Illustrated has named him as the recipient of the magazine's "Muhammad Ali Legacy Award."

     Colin remains unsigned and sitting in free agency which has caused many (including Kaepernick) to accuse all NFL owners of blackballing him, and conspiring to keep him out of the league. Opposing views believe the headache his protests have caused are just too much for an organization to sign on too, especially when the player in question has a habit of throwing the ball to opponents over teammates. Kaepernick has filed a lawsuit against the NFL and still hopes to land on a roster in the future. The NFL Commissioner (Roger Goodell), along with a handful of league executives and owners, will be deposed in the collusion case. The powerful leaders will have to turn over cell phone records and emails related to the case. 

     Colin Kaepernick (30 years old) is the youngest to receive the award, which only began in 2008. Muhammad Ali's wife Lonnie helped make the decision that landed Kaepernick the award. No matter what you think about Colin Kaepernick's protests, you can't deny the fact that he has indeed had an impact. Just ask Kevin Durant of the Golden State Warriors.

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