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A Top Gossip Magazine Editor Is Accused Of Sexual Misconduct

Another powerful executive is named in an allegation, and the details are bizarre.

The Howie Carr Show
December 05, 2017 - 4:54 pm

     According to the Associated Press, a top editor for the gossip magazines National Enquirer and US Weekly has been accused of sexual misconduct. Dylan Howard, who is the chief content officer of American Media Inc., reportedly discussed both his and female coworkers sex lives in the newsroom. He also apparently forced women to watch pornography in the office. 

     The horrific behavior occurred in the company's Los Angeles office according to 12 former employees who were aware of an internal investigation. Following the investigation Howard left the LA office and quit his position, but the company quickly rehired him about a year later. This rehire included a promotion that conveniently landed him in the company's main New York City office. It's unknown if Howard was reprimanded or punished for any incidents in question. 

     The company's investigation apparently turned up little to no evidence of serious wrongdoing, and Howard described the claims (via AP) as baseless. 

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