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Today Was A Rough Day For Providence Rhode Island Law Enforcement

Two investigations being conducted after an incredibly active day for Rhode Island Police.

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November 09, 2017 - 6:52 pm

     Today has been an increasingly busy Thursday for both Providence Police and Rhode Island State Police, and the shenanigans started bright and early.

Incident 1:

     At 9am this morning Donald Morgan was being transported to his court appearance by RI State Police when the trooper stopped the vehicle to check on a recent accident. The incident occurred on Route 146 and the trooper left the cruiser for a short time which is required duty in order to check on the welfare of individuals involved in the accident. That's when the handcuffed Morgan made his move. He was arrested the day before on charges of obstruction and possession of a stolen motor vehicle, and he was about to be in possession of another. A picture of Morgan, who is quite the looker, is below.

     The suspect (criminal) hit the gas and took off in possession of the police cruiser. The car was luckily found within the hour using a GPS system in the motor vehicle, but the bone-headed law breaker was no where to be found. This incident caused major traffic issues, and even temporarily delayed the opening of surrounding businesses. Donald Morgan is 35 years old resident Providence, and his whereabouts are still unknown. 

Incident 2:

     While a major search was being conducted around the city for the ever elusive Donald Morgan, attention was immediately diverted to what developed into a large scale police chase involving a white pickup truck. The pursuit garnered the spotlight as it raced from route 10 all the way to the on-ramp that connects Memorial Boulevard to I-95 North. Numerous individuals reported hearing gunshots, and bullet holes were clearly displayed on the outer shell of the truck. It has since been determined that the two incidents are unrelated, this news coming after claims earlier that they were interconnected. 

     The officer involved shooting left one person dead and a woman critically injured, she was taken to Rhode Island Hospital. Both individuals were passengers in the truck involved. Witness reports state that when the truck came to a stop the officers exchanged fire toward the vehicle. The truck then attempted to back up and move, only able to administer white smoke from its spinning tires. The officers then began another round of fire. Link to a video of the shooting HERE.

     It's also being reported that Cranston RI Police attempted to stop the white truck after receiving a broadcast from state police. The message stated that Donald Morgan (suspect in the cruiser theft) may have hidden in the bed of a pickup truck. The driver took off after officers attempted to make a traffic stop.


     Something was certainly in the water this morning. The search for Donald Morgan continues. It should be noted that thankfully no officers were injured in the series of unfortunate events. Though a handful will take leave for evaluation after participation in the shooting. 

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