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Stan Rosenberg Says Investigating Husband Is Critical

Mass State Senate President holds press conference regarding husbands behavior.

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December 01, 2017 - 6:30 pm

     Stan Rosenberg, the Massachusetts State Senate President, held a news conference today in which the sexual assault allegations against his husband were addressed. Rosenberg said he is "shocked and devastated" by the reports, but is confident that his husband had no influence on the "workings of the Senate." 

"Any time there are allegations of sexual harassment and assault, we should all be shocked and devastated. Our hearts must go out to anyone who has been hurt, and I encourage anyone, anywhere, any time to come forward,” Rosenberg said. “We in the Senate maintain a zero tolerance policy for sexual harassment and will always encourage people to come forward to any authority they feel comfortable with without any fear of retaliation.” -Stan Rosenberg on allegations against his husband

     Rosenberg also pointed out that it is absolutely critical for the allegations to be investigated. The Boston Globe first reported the story after speaking with four men who claimed Bryon Hefner (Rosenberg's husband) sexually assaulted and harassed them for the past few years. Three of those men claimed he grabbed their genitals, while another allege he forcibly kissed him against his will. There have also been no reports that point to Rosenberg knowing about the assaults even though he was close by at the time of some of the alleged incidents. 

“If Bryon claimed to have influence over my decisions or over the Senate, he should not have said that. It is simply not true. I am looking forward to fully cooperating with the investigation and look forward to the findings. I am confident that the investigation will find that Bryon had no influence on the workings of the Senate.”

     Hefner has since made a statement to the Boston Globe through his lawyer in which he doesn't seem to take any responsibility, and it's clear he is denying knowledge of the incidents.

“To my knowledge, no one has complained to me or any political or governmental authority about these allegations which are now surfacing years afterward. As one can imagine, it is incredibly difficult to respond to allegations by unnamed and unidentified individuals that involve an extended period of time, particularly in the current environment.” -Bryon Hefner

     The Senate President has given no indication that he will resign from his post, a position he's had since 2015, but does say that he will be fully cooperating with the investigation. Rosenberg also claims his husband is preparing to enter an in-patient rehab facility for alcohol dependence.

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