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Reporter Claims "African-Americans" Can Scare Lawmakers on Gun Rights

Daily News releases article stating black Americans can frighten Washington into making changes.

The Howie Carr Show
October 05, 2017 - 5:23 pm

    With all the talk following the horrific mass shooting in Las Vegas, which revolves around solutions to gun regulation, it's opened the door (again) for anti-gun flag waivers to take their place at the podium. With every violent event that includes a firearm, comes another wave of repetitive ideas and answers on how to strong arm Washington into "taking action". Finally a new plan has been printed, and its being sourced from a known paper in the "The Big Apple". 

     Daily News reporter Leonard Greene has an idea that alludes to the belief (of some) that Washington leaders have a lining of racial ideals, especially when it comes to suppressing gun violence. Greene is pushing the African-American communities across these 50 states to go out and obtain firearms. This request is not for added personal protection, sport shooting, or anything of the sort. Apparently by arming the black community as a whole, Washington will shake in their $2,000 dress loafers to the point that the "gun crisis" will be solved in a matter of days. 

Below is Leonard's article attached tweet.

If you're going to bring race into the gun debate, then lets go over the facts.

     Violent crime overall had remained near 30 year lows a couple years ago, and at that time (2015) 7 of 10 Americans said crime was rising. Homicides had begun to rise at that time, but this was largely due to gang and street violence in Chicago, Baltimore, and Washington D.C. A 2015 Brookings Institution study found that gun deaths are actually lowest in the population that owns the most guns. 41 percent of white households admits to owning a gun, compared to only 19 percent of black households. White gun deaths are caused mostly by suicide (77 percent) and homicide (19 percent). That adds up to 16 of 100,000 deaths caused by gun violence in those communities.

     African American gun deaths are caused by homicide 82 percent of the time, while 14 percent can be claimed by suicide. For males aged 20-29 in the black community, their death rate is (approximately) 89 gun related deaths out of 100,000 overall in these communities, which is mostly due to the previously mentioned gang and street violence in regards to that age bracket. That about matches the murder capitol of the world, Honduras. 

     While still understanding the idea that the overall goal of the "call to arms" would be to scare our nations leaders into limiting/abolishing gun access, it's tough to label this as a racism based fear. It's a fear of the statistics and numbers, not a fear of the skin color. Mass-shootings aside, to bring the homicide numbers down, the spotlight needs to be shined on the gang and street violence in cities like Chicago. The other problem in this country? Well that's fear mongering stringing from "fake news" and bad stats. A good place to start when battling gun violence would probably be increased education.

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