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Recent Tests Show The Transportation Security Administration Is Bad At Security

The results of undercover tests have found that the TSA can't detect weapons for the life of them.

The Howie Carr Show
November 09, 2017 - 4:33 pm

     The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is put through constant undercover tests in order to provide top of the line security and safety for all flights. The problem is that the "security" administration is not so good at security. Members of the House Committee on Homeland Security were informed of the findings after the most recent covert case study. One committee chairman didn't mince words when he called the results "disturbing."

     Screeners gifted with the responsibility of keeping our airports safe just flat out failed, letting test weapons flow throw security check points at a horrific rate. Although the specific numbers weren't disclosed to the public, an ABC News source stated that an 80 percent failure rate was "in the ballpark." Rep. Mike Rogers clobbered TSA Administrator David Pekoske by telling him that "This agency that you run is broken badly, and it needs your attention."

     It wasn't that long ago that the TSA failed a test as significantly as this one. In 2015 screeners didn't detect 95 percent of test weapons in a similar case. Undercover investigators smuggled everything in, from simple contraband to weapons and even explosives. Committee Chairman Rep. Michael McCaul of Texas stated exactly what the expectation and reality is in todays world by claiming "America’s enemies only have to be right once, while we have to be right 100 percent." Pekoske claimed new technology like 3D scanning at check points will assist in combating threats (description below).

"The new CT screening equipment shoots hundreds of images with an X-ray camera that spins around the conveyor belt to provide officers with a 3D picture of a carry-on bag to ensure it does not contain a threat. The system presently applies sophisticated algorithms for the detection of explosives. If a bag requires additional screening, TSA officers will open and inspect it to ensure that a threat item is not contained inside."  -via TSA press release

Full press release can be found HERE.

This new report only draws one question. Will our airports ever be protected to the degree we deserve?

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