Massachusetts Receives Top Honor From FBI With Highest Hate Crime Rate

When it comes to hate crimes, Massachusetts had the most in 2016. Will we hold on to the top slot this year?

The Howie Carr Show
November 14, 2017 - 4:28 pm

    Welcome to "Title Town"! The list of championships and top honors this state holds is unparalleled, and today we add yet another. 

     The FBI has a report detailing hate crime statistics for all of 2016, breaking it all down by state, population, and reported incidents. Massachusetts tops the list with 5.9 hate crimes per 100,000 people. Washington state came in a close second with 5.3 per 100k and Kentucky rounds out the top 3 with 4.7. An honorable mention has been delivered to the "Green Mountain State" (Vermont) with a seventh place finish as well. 

     It's glaringly obvious that this has long been a problem here in the Commonwealth, but it should also be made clear that hate crimes have risen nationally, so this is not just an "us" problem. Also states like Alabama and Mississippi didn't have as much information contributed to the FBI for the report, so these results don't seem extremely concrete. With that said, this should be a reminder to all citizens around this great state that we have some work to do. This report has proved the stereotype correct, and change indeed should start at the top. Governor Charlie Baker restored a task force to combat hate crimes. 

     Baker hopes curb the 129 incidents reported by local agencies. Out of the total number reported, 23 percent of the crimes included a religious bias, and 18 percent were related to sexual orientation. NPR also reported the specifics regarding the national rise of hate crimes.

"The number of hate crimes reported last year rose by 4.6 percent compared to the previous year, according to data released Monday by the FBI. The total tally of hate crimes in 2016 was 6,121, compared to 5,850 in 2015. More than half of those incidents were motivated by the victim's race."

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