Local Takes Shots Against Women with Breast Cancer, PTSD, And More In An Attempt At Satire

Boston resident makes distressing remarks while debating pot dispensaries with zoning board.

The Howie Carr Show
November 16, 2017 - 6:53 pm

     A local Boston resident got a chance to speak in front of a zoning board in regards to the possible opening of a marijuana dispensary in his neighborhood. To each citizen's shock, he thrust the once docile debate into a horrendous prepared performance full of hate speech and cringe-worthy remarks. Even with all the fallout, the Back Bay resident Oliver Curme claims it was supposed to be taken as satirical.

Here are Curme's comments made during the zoning board meeting.

“There are Army vets with PTSD, and we don’t want them in our neighborhood,”

“People with wheelchairs, with MS or whatever.”

“Women with breast cancer, you know, they all have that cadaverous look and they wear those ridiculous turbans,”

“For goodness sake, Newbury Street is a high-end shopping district. We don’t want people like that scaring the clientele.”

He finally got a chance to clear the air and explained that he was shocked at how many residents were against opening the pot shop. He claimed to have made the outrageous statements in order to exaggerate his point, supposedly using satire to show how ridiculous the detractors of the proposal were acting. Unfortunately for Curme, his performance went about as well as a fresh face comic performing in front of a sold out Wilbur Theatre.

“I came up with this dialogue to actually show them that if you’re against the marijuana, you’re against people with Parkinson’s, you’re against Army vets, you’re against people with MS and you’re against people with cancer,” -Oliver Curme speaking to WCVB

Watch the video of the entire zoning board meeting HERE. Curme begins speaking at 46:25.

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