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Here Comes The Harvey Weinstein Indictment

Reports circulating that movie mogul could face charges next week.

The Howie Carr Show
November 07, 2017 - 5:11 pm

     A Manhattan DA is seeking an indictment against movie mogul Harvey Weinstein after fudging up a case against the predator in 2015. With Weinstein's horrific actions being brought to the forefront, and the formation of a brave movement by victims sharing their own sexual assault stories, there has been no shortage of information to report. To the chagrin of district attorney Cy Vance, some news of law enforcements plan is even being released by the Chief of Detectives himself.

     Chief Robert Boyce stated last week that his law officers were just waiting for Vance to show up with the warrant so that he could get picked up in Arizona. Cy Vance has different plans, as he intends to go in front of a grand jury first in order to obtain an indictment. A Manhattan DA spokesperson pulled the no comment card regarding the investigation, which is the most recent development in the game of finger pointing played by the judicial and blue blood sides of Law and Order. 

     After the mistakes made in 2015, New York law enforcement has now been given a second chance to nail the systemic predator thanks to the bravery of actress Paz de la Huerta. She reported the producer to police, describing two individual sexual attacks in 2010. She reportedly first met Weinstein that year at a party and shared a taxi home with him. The trip home included an invitation to his home for a drink. She says the alleged attack happened immediately after entering the property. A second attack happened after Weinstein apparently traveled to Huerta's apartment in discuss the incident, only to have him overpower her again. 

     Although police wont say for sure that it was Huerta's attack that rekindled the investigation, it seems as though that would be the most likely scenario. Hopefully he'll be in shackles sooner than later, especially when every new story about the "man" just reveals more horrific behavior. Most recently his use of ex-Mossad agents and investigators "to track actresses and journalists" that threatened his empire. At this time there are still two active investigations into Weinstein's predatory behavior in Los Angeles and London.

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