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Bomb Threats Against Waltham Schools End In Arrest

After months of threats, police finally catch "cyberstalker"

The Howie Carr Show
October 06, 2017 - 4:21 pm

     Waltham police have been engaged in an investigation that has lasted for months. Finally, after parents had lost patience and kept children home, police have an individual in custody charged with cyberstalking. 

     Ryan Lin, a 24 year old from Newton, was arrested yesterday on federal charges for conducting a cyberstalking campaign against a former roommate and people associated with her. The stalking began in early 2016 when they both resided in a Watertown apartment. Lin allegedly hacked into the victims online accounts and iCloud in order to access information and photographs. He continued the cyber attack by using the stolen photos to solicit and send random men to her home in hopes to play out rape fantasies with the victim (without her knowledge). Lin didn't stop there, continuing the harassment with threats to rape and kill the woman, and urging her to commit suicide.

     Ryan Lin didn't even stop there. His focus then shifted to threatening his former roommates family members (specifically her 13 year old sister), former teachers and colleagues. The threat against the teachers included using a fake online profile in the victims name, and consistently making threats to schools in her home town of Waltham. Lin will be arraigned this afternoon in federal court and faces 5 years in prison.

     These threats caused students to be put into lockdown, or be pulled from class by parents, who had asked the absences to be excused. Ryan Lin was also terminated from a Waltham software company in July, where reportedly evidence was found by federal investigators.

(Link to Department of Justice press release HERE)

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