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VB The Wise: I Take ONE Day Off...

Bad idea in Talk Radio these days...

Doug 'VB' Goudie
November 07, 2017 - 5:43 am

If ever there was a meaning to the phrase "Enter at your own Risk", try taking a day off from your talk radio job during the Trump presidency.  Due to my having taken ONE day off, here's just three of the things I missed:

1. POTUS Trump causing an international incident by overfeeding a KOI fish pond in Japan.  

   Huge crisis, Twitter erupted, CNN aired the horrific video, Robbie Mook posted a pic of President Obama feeding the fish - "of course he did it better"... and then it turned out Trump did exactly what the Japanese President had done, and there was no incident after all.  

2. Senator Rand Paul suffered FIVE broken ribs after being attacked by his neighbor.

   What's particularly troubling about this story is that it appears the attack was over what is being described as a "floral issue".  A "Floral issue"!!!  And the guy who attacked Senator Paul is himself a doctor!  So two doctors went at it over some shrubs or leaves, and one ended up with broken ribs.  Seriously, this actually happened.

3. Two MALE lions in Kenya were observed having gay lion sex.  And of course, Kenyan officials felt the need to explain the "abhorrent" behavior away by claiming the lions were only doing what they had seen gay men on safari trips doing the same thing.  Yup, it's 2017 in case you were wondering. Quick question, have you ever been on a safari?  If so, whether gay or straight, have you ever seen lions and then said to your partner "let's show these lions how it's done?" Me neither.

   In a parallel universe, I am positive all three of these stories are Fake News.  In that same parallel universe, I NEVER take a day off for fear that I might miss stories like these.  My bad.

More wisdom next week. 

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