My Favorite Mysteries

Doug 'VB' Goudie
July 06, 2017 - 4:38 pm

So the History Channel has found new evidence of Amelia Earhart's possibly having survived her famous flight / crash, and the photo they have found sheds new light on a never-ending, unsolved mystery.  Using this development as a jumping off point, we talked on the Thursday radio show about other mysteries which we would love to have new information on.  With that in mind, here is my personal list, broken down into categories for your convenience.  You can decide whether I have the right mysteries for the right categories...

1. True Crime--

   Tough to narrow down to one, but with all due respect to the Zodiac Killer, if I could know definitively what happened in only one case, for me it would have to be Jack the Ripper.  Who was he, why was he doing his killings, and how did he know how to surgically remove his victims organs like he did?  

2. Art--

   Gotta be the Gardner Museum heist.  My wife is a big art lover, and she weeps at the thought of 'Storm on the Sea of Galilee' being buried in some long-dead gangster's backyard, never to be seen again.  Who knows?  (Was Vermeer a true artist or did he use a contraption that allowed him to expertly trace would be second on my art list...) 

3. Sports--

   Lots of candidates here, but for my money, I would really like to know what went down in the second Ali-Liston fight.  Did Liston take a dive, and if so, what was the price for him to basically end his career that way?  (Was Michael Jordan's minor league baseball career due to a gambling ban by the NBA is a close second...)

4. Politics--

   The JFK Assassination is the easy answer here, but do we REALLY want to know what happened, or do we love the uncertainty of it all?  So I'm going to go with the Chandra Levy murder.  What exactly did happen to her, and what was Gary Condit's role in her murder?  Did he really play no role at all, and was his career ruined by something he had no hand in, or, was a sitting Congressman involved in something much more sinister...

5. Travel--

   Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 is second here, only because I have forever been fascinated by the Mary Celeste, better known as the Ghost Ship of 1861.  What happened to that crew, and why?  No signs of struggle, cargo left untouched, ship just drifting aimlessly... 

Ok, there you go, those are my five (or ten) mysteries that I would like some solid information on.  Of course, if I did this column tomorrow, I might have a whole new list!!! So many mysteries, so little space...

More wisdom next week.

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