Vermont paper runs offensive Las Vegas shooting cartoon

"What Happens in Vegas"

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October 05, 2017 - 7:59 am

The Bennington Banner is under fire for running an offensive cartoon two days after the largest mass shooting in American history.

 Cartoonist Randall Enos drew a large pile of dead bodies with the caption "What Happens in Vegas".

Both Enos and Banner editor Kevin Moran are now facing pressure to resign as well as boycotts being called for on the paper.

Moran suggested that the cartoon was meant to satirize the political inaction on the gun control debate that would inevitably occur after yet another gun related tragedy. He stated on Facebook that "Our interpretation of Randall Enos’ cartoon was that little would be done with regard to gun control measures in the United States even after such an unprecedented tragedy. While we believe that is a conversation that needs to happen in this country, we must first mourn and honor the victims and provide comfort to their families and friends. We regret publishing the cartoon."





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