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Should Yawkey Way change its name?

Get ready for Big Papi Way

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August 18, 2017 - 7:56 am

As more and more "name change" and "statue removal" debates seem to be popping up, the latest casualty may be Yawkey Way. In an interview with the Boston Herald, Red Sox owner John Henry makes the claim that he is "haunted" by the racist legacy left behind by Tom Yawkey.


Yawkey owned the Red Sox from 1933 through 1976, followed by stints by his wife and the Yawkey Trust until Henry bought the team in 2002. Yawkey had a long history as a philanthropist and benefactor to much of Boston. But he also has a legacy of complaints of racism. Yawkey is credited with keeping the Red Sox the last team in the major league to hire a black player and fielded complaints about racist policies through the end of his time as team owner. 


Henry went on to say that he would be open to letting the public decide. But many Boston fans don't want to see a change to what they say is a historic street. 

Yawkey Way is a public street, so at the end of the day the city would have to decide on the change. Mayor Marty Walsh has said he would be open to changing it.

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