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Should Faneuil Hall change its name?

One religious leader thinks it should

Boston's Morning Show with Kim & VB
August 17, 2017 - 8:38 am

Several prominent religious leaders in Boston met at Faneuil Hall yesterday to discuss and condemn the violence over the weekend in Charlottesville, Virgina. At that meeting, Kevin Peterson, founder of the New Democracy Coalition, made a bold and controversial pronouncement.

Peterson suggested that Faneuil Hall, named after Peter Faneuil, is offensive. His arguement is that the hall was donated by Faneuil in the 1700's after he made his fortune in part as a slave trader. 

Peterson made his statement.“Here in this very place on this very ground, we see an embarrassment to the community of color in Boston, an embarrassment to white people of good mind and good spirit in Boston because this place is named after a man who engaged in the sale of human flesh and we should be quite frankly embarrassed by that. I’ve called on the mayor in recent months to look into renaming this building.”

He went on to propose that the site be renamed after Crispus Attucks, a Black man who was the first to be killed in the Boston Massascre. 


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